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How to use AI custom voices text-to-speech with Dialogflow

Nov 29, 2021

Integrating custom neural voices with Dialogflow enables your brand to have a distinct, powerful AI Voice. Resemble AI makes it easy to hook up all of your Dialogflow agents with custom synthetic voices that can handle many types of conversations.

Domain-specific neural voices built on Resemble AI enable you to create branded IVR agents, game characters, smart virtual assistants, and more. Once you design and build your Dialogflow agent, you can add life-like AI voices to your Conversational AI experience. Best of all, our Dialogflow integration requires no code, and only takes a minute to configure.

1. To begin, visit the Dialogflow console and create a new agent. You just need to specify the name of your agent and associate it to any Google Project. 

2. Once you’ve created your agents, you’re going to create intents. We’ve gone ahead and imported intents for a typical banking application.

3. For each intent, we need to ensure that we enable webhook call for this intent and webhook call for slot filling. This will enable Resemble to handle the response. Fill in the responses above with text that you would want your agent to respond with for the intent. Feel free to add parameters like $account and Resemble’s engine will dynamically generate the content on the fly.

Dialogflow Voicebots Responses

4. Once you’ve configured your agent’s intents, we’ll create the agent on Resemble AI. We’ll give our Agent a name, much like we did on the Dialogflow console, pick a project to store all of the speech assets that are created, and tie it all to any custom voice that you’ve built.

Dialogflow Voicebots Integration

5. Once you create the integration, you’ll notice that we’ve given the Agent an ID. In our case, it starts with c699d82b. We’re going to copy that ID for later.

6. We’re also going to grab our Resemble AI API key.

7. Then we’re going to go back to the Dialogflow console and enable Fulfillment by clicking on the Fulfillment tab on the left sidebar. Make sure the url points to Resemble AI (https://app.resemble.ai/api/v2/integrations/dialogflow), and configure the following headers:

  • Authorization: Token token=<YOUR_RESEMBLE_API_KEY>

Dialogflow Voicebots Webhook

What’s Next For The Integration?
That’s all! You’ve successfully configured your Dialogflow Agent with a Resemble AI Voice. To prove just how easy we made it, we’ve enabled the Dialogflow Phone Gateway integration to test out the agent. You can test out our banking bot by calling +1 727-233-5979.

If you want to learn more about integrating custom voices for your voicebot, book a demo with Resemble here.

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