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Discover how you can take any pre-existing audio data and build your AI Voice.

Over 33,537 voices have been built on Resemble!

Our characters are all about emotional performance. Siri, Alexa and other voices are monotonous, but Charisma characters come to life, get happy, sad, angry. Resemble’s capabilities in this regard are awesome and their markup language gave us the flexibility we needed to achieve our goals.

Guy Gadney

CEO, Charisma AI

Edit Speech with Resemble Fill ™. Experience the magic of AI that makes editing speech a breeze. Simply select existing spoken segments, drag, and edit.

The following is a conversation with Joe Joseph Rogan 

An API that fits your Workflow

Rapidly build production-ready integrations with modern tools. Use Resemble’s API to fetch existing content, create new clips and even build voices on the fly.

Become the director with Speech Gradients. Control the intonation of each word at a granular level and craft highly emotional content.

Realistic Voice Cloning

Resemble clones voices from given audio data starting with just 5 minutes of data. Use that voice to iterate and create dynamic content on the fly using our authoring tool. 

Record 50 sentences right on our web platform to clone your voice.

Upload raw audio data directly to us, and listen as your voice is automagically built.

A Voice wherever you need it.

Dynamic, Iterable, Unique.

A python package to analyze and compare voices with deep learning. Resemblyzer can be used for speaker verification, diarization, fake speech detection, and more.
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