Create AI Voices that sound real.

Resemble supercharges your synthetic voice with a text-to-speech generator to build immersive experiences.

Over 44,705 voices create more than 1,000,000 audio clips per month on Resemble!

Discover how AI voices can scale.

One Click AI Generated Text for Advertisements and Dialogue.

Brand your Smart Assistant with your unique Custom Voice.

Your own voice for your Smart Assistant for Alexa and Google Assistant. Integrate with DialogFlow, IBM Watson, or any other NLU engine.

Craft Dynamic IVR Agents that can boost your customer service.

Integrate with your call center stack to get dynamic conversations powered by text-to-speech.

Discover how Speech Localization can enable Text to Speech in any Language.

French text-to-speech with AI Voices
Dutch text-to-speech with AI Voices
English text-to-speech with AI Voices

Build your unique AI voice.

Resemble offers four options for creating synthetic voices, so you can always find exactly what fits in your requirements.

Record on our Web

Quickly record 50 samples on our web platform.

Upload your raw audio

Upload any audio file to us, no script required.

Create via API

Scale up your voice creation process by using the API.

Pick in Marketplace

Choose from dozens of professional voice actors.

Blend human and synthetic voices with Resemble Fill.

Take your real voice recordings and sprinkle in synthetic content for a seamless experience.

Tune your AI voices until they sound perfect.

Don’t limit your voices to a limited number of binary emotions, create your own emotions on the fly through our powerful text-to-speech web editor.

Our characters are all about emotional performance. Siri, Alexa and other voices are monotonous, but Charisma characters come to life, get happy, sad, angry. Resemble’s capabilities in this regard are awesome and their markup language gave us the flexibility we needed to achieve our goals.

Guy Gadney

CEO, Charisma AI

And it works in any

Dub your native voice into other languages to reach a broader audience. Resemble can create any custom voice from your data source and enable it to speak other languages automatically.

Flexible APIs made for developers.

Rapidly build production-ready integrations with modern tools. Use Resemble’s API to fetch existing content, create new clips and even build voices on the fly.


A python package to analyze and compare voices with deep learning. Resemblyzer can be used for speaker verification, diarization, deepfake detection, and more.

AI Unity Plugin

A simple Unity plugin to interface our API. Create unity voices and speech assets right within the Unity inspector, attach to your characters and animate them with visemes.

Alexa Skill with GPT-3

Sample code for an Alexa skill project with integration with dynamically AI generated text using GPT-3 with a custom voice powered by Resemble.

Join thousands of others who are building their voice on Resemble.