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The leading AI Voice Generator built for scale

Resemble AI delivers a cutting-edge Generative AI Voices and robust deepfake audio detection, engineered for enterprises prioritizing advanced security and safety.

Gaming Commanding
Whispering ASMR
Conversational Natural

Text to Speech   ✅ Speech to Speech    ✅ Neural Audio Editing    ✅ Language Dubbing

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Over 200,135 AI voices generate more than 2,000,000 minutes of audio per month on Resemble!

Hear how Resemble Helps

Service Empathetic

Elevate your customer service and conversational AI agents with Resemble AI's cutting-edge voice cloning technology. Our custom AI voices offer a seamless, natural interaction that enhances user engagement and satisfaction. With Resemble AI, create a unique voice identity for your brand, ensuring a consistent and personalized customer experience that stands out in the digital landscape.

Gaming Conversational

Elevate your gaming narratives with Resemble AI's advanced voice technology. Perfect for PC, console, or mobile games, our AI effortlessly animates characters, enhancing everything from heroes to NPCs with vibrant voices. Benefit from our real-time API for scalable, low-latency dialogue, ensuring fluid integration and superior audio quality.

Entertainment Narrator

Revolutionize your entertainment creations with Resemble AI's advanced voice technology. Clone any voice for films, TV, and more, crafting realistic synthetic voices that capture every speech nuance. Our real-time conversion and instant language dubbing broaden your reach globally without losing character authenticity. Suitable for documentaries, animations, or blockbusters, Resemble AI enables you to perfect every voice, transforming the audio experience. Step into the future of entertainment with Resemble AI.

Impersonator Conversational

Elevate your security with Resemble AI's voice technology. Our suite includes real-time voice cloning for cyber threat simulations, Resemble Detect for deepfake audio detection, and AI Watermarker for invisible audio watermarking. Protect against sophisticated scams and unauthorized content use, ensuring the integrity of your digital assets. Resemble AI delivers crucial tools for combating modern cyber threats and safeguarding intellectual property.

pip install ready.

Get started with Resemble’s voice AI capabilities in minutes using our convenient Python package. Perfect for developers who want to quickly experiment or incorporate voice features into existing applications.

    Easy Installation

    Install the Resemble package directly from your Python environment using familiar pip commands. No complex setup or additional tools required.

    Secure and Self-Contained

    The resemble-local package runs entirely on your own machines, keeping your voice data and processing fully isolated. No internet connection or external dependencies needed.

    Flexible Licensing

    Choose the subscription plan that fits your needs, from individual seats to site-wide licenses. Upgrade anytime as your usage grows, without any change to your code.

     The Most Ethical AI Voice Generator

    Confronting Deepfake Audio from the Music Industry to Podcasts, from AI-generated Songs to Fraudulent Public Statements. Arm your applications with Real-Time Deepfake Detection and unparalleled IP protection.


    Craft realistic speech in any voice or language with our AI-driven, consent-based text-to-speech technology, featuring emotional depth for unmatched authenticity.


    Utilize our Real-time Deepfake Detector model to distinguish AI-generated content, enabling Enterprises to enhance detection of deepfakes with fine-tuned precision.


    Safeguard your intellectual property with Resemble’s AI Watermarker, designed to identify if your audio data has been utilized in training Generative AI models, ensuring your content’s integrity.

    Experience Generative Voice AI beyond Text to Speech


    Add an infinite amount of emotions to your voice without any new data. Happy, sad, angry, all preloaded, out of the box.

    Speech to Speech

    Transform your voice into the target voice with real-time realistic speech-to-speech. Granular control over every inflection and intonation.


    Convert your voice into any language without providing any data. Reach a global audience with support in up to 100 languages. 

    Resemble Fill

    Edit Audio by Typing.

    Take your real voice recordings and sprinkle in synthetic content for a seamless experience. Replace, add, or remove any speech seamlessly.

    Flexible APIs made for developers.

    Rapidly build production-ready integrations with modern tools. Use Resemble’s API to fetch existing content, create new clips and even build AI voices on the fly. Try our low-latency API.

    Resemble provides Python SDK.

    Python SDK

    Unlock the power of cutting-edge voice AI with Resemble AI’s Python SDK, streamlining content creation for developers.

    Node JS Support for Resemble

    NodeJS SDK

    AI Voice Generator with Javascript. You’re one “yarn add” away from Generative AI Voices.

    Custom AI Voices with TTS in Unity


    Unity Plugin to provide Realistic text-to-speech and speech-to-speech in Games.

    REST API support for AI Voice Generator


    For the most custom integration, our REST API makes it simple to get started.

    ChatGPT with AI Voice Generator

    GPT Integration

    Resemble’s AI Voice Generator paired with Open AI’s GPT-4 model for powerful conversational apps.

    Twilio with Custom AI Voice


    Integrate Custom AI Voices for IVR and Contact Center through Twilio.

    Dialogflow with Custom AI Voices


    Custom Voice Bot with Dialogflow. Create unique brand experiences with AI Voices.

    Resemblyzer for Speaker Similarity


    Open source speaker diarization, fake speech detection and speaker similarity.