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How AI enables Voices in Multiple Languages

Jun 13, 2021

Cross-lingual adaptation enables our AI voices to be used in different languages, without any data requirements! That means that you can have a voice that natively only speaks English, but create content in other languages like Spanish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, and more.

As more developers build apps on Alexa, Google Assistant, and Mobile, voice-enabled applications are reaching a global audience. Resemble Localize enables these apps to serve the same voice persona across multiple languages. We’re exited by the impact that Speech Localization will have on content creation in the near future.


What is Language Localization?

Localization is a process of adapting the product or service in the language suited to a specific culture and geographical market, according to the Globalization and Localization Association. It is often confused with Translation. What’s the difference you may ask:

Translation: Refers to converting text from one language to another and it is a form of localization.

Localization: It is a process of cultural adaptation that involves taking other non-textual elements into consideration, such as local currency, date and time format etc.

Currently, Localization is most commonly seen and incorporated in content-driven use cases, like websites and apps. However, the audio side of localization is often overlooked even though it is an essential part when it comes to reaching a global audience.

Why use Localization?

Whether you are a marketing agency, production company or a content creator, connecting with your audience is extremely crucial. Utilizing language localization will allow you to reach a broader audience, scale globally, and boost profitability.

netflix demonstration with resemble text to speech

A classic example is Netflix. The company has grown its streaming service to 206.33 million subscribers from 7.48 million when it first launched in 2007. Interestingly, 63.7% of Netflix’s users are based outside of the US & Canada, demonstrating the company’s immense success in its localization strategies. They were able to capture an international audience by allowing users to select subtitles in different languages as well as dubbed versions of their favourite show. From this example, Netflix had shown us that pairing ‘text localization’ with ‘speech localization’ can be quite a powerful duo when it comes to providing an unique and personalized experience for your global audience.

“Synthetic voice is going to be key to all this by transforming how audio is created. Demand for localized and translated spoken word content, whether it’s in the form of podcasts or audiobooks, is exploding, and AI-based tools like Localize are the way to satisfy that demand.”

Peter Rojas


As competition intensifies, it is key that companies continue to look for ways to remain competitive. At Resemble, we have an attractive solution that will enable you to clone voices at scale and achieve localization faster, easier and more cost effective.

Introducing Resemble Localize


Resemble AI can create custom synthetic voices from the data source you submit and enable it to playback in other languages automatically through our neural text to speech engine. You can utilize Resemble Localize by either recording or uploading audio files in your native language. This tool ensure every character’s voice is consistent when dubbed into various languages across movies, games, audiobooks, and corporate videos etc. For Instance, Morgan Freeman will still sound like Morgan Freeman, even if the documentary is dubbed into another language.

What makes Resemble AI special is that we have the capability to apply voice characteristics and emotions on your custom built voice. As a result, we are able to provide flexibility to accommodate a variety of use cases, whether you’re developing a game or creating an ad.

We currently support over 12 languages including English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, and Hindi.


Get started with your voice in Different Languages


If you’re interested in getting access to Resemble Localize, schedule a demo, we would be happy to connect and discuss how to support the language required for your project.


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