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AI Voice Cloning: Clone your Voice in Seconds

Over 1,000,000 users create high quality replicas of their voice by deploying the most cutting-edge AI voice cloning model. Use your own voice data to gain unparalleled control over synthetic speech  and capture human emotion in stunning detail.


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Rapid Voice Cloning

Create natural sounding AI Voices with just 10 seconds of data. The process is designed with simplicity in mind. All you need to do is provide a clear audio sample of the target voice. Our AI model takes care of the rest, delivering a fully-functional voice clone that’s immediately ready to use.

Instantly Create AI Voices

Generate voice clones in seconds, enabling rapid iteration and deployment in your projects.

Seamless Integration

Rapid Voice Clones work flawlessly with our Web UI and API, allowing for frictionless use across your applications.

Built for Efficiency

Save valuable time and resources by eliminating the need to record and process lengthy voice samples.

Rapid Voice Cloning with just 10 seconds of audio.

Professional Voice Cloning

Our professional-grade voice clones are nearly impossible to tell apart from the authentic source. Ideal for videos, audiobooks, podcasts, video games, and beyond.

High Resolution

Advanced Voice Cloning meticulously captures every inflection, cadence, and subtlety, resulting in a replica that’s practically identical to the original.

Multilingual Support

Effortlessly switch between our selection of 149+ supported languages using the cloned voice, guaranteeing clear and cohesive communication.


Control every nuance of your AI voice by using your own voice as input. Perfect for films, games, and voice overs.

Professional Voice Cloning that creates ultra realistic AI Voices

Deploy Resemble on your own infrastructure

We understand that some users prefer to maintain control over their data and infrastructure. That’s why we offer the option to self-host our powerful voice AI platform. Self-hosting Resemble AI provides several benefits, including enhanced security, greater customization options, and the ability to integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

    Easy Installation

    Install the Resemble package directly from your Python environment using familiar pip commands. No complex setup or additional tools required.

    Secure and Self-Contained

    The resemble-local package runs entirely on your own machines, keeping your voice data and processing fully isolated. No internet connection or external dependencies needed.

    Flexible Licensing

    Choose the subscription plan that fits your needs, from individual seats to site-wide licenses. Upgrade anytime as your usage grows, without any change to your code.

    Try It Out For Yourself

    Getting Started with Voice Cloning

    Resemble AI can clone a voice with as little as 3 minutes of uploaded data or you can try cloning your voice for free by recording just 25 sentences.

    Upload Your Voice Data

    Do you already have saved audio files? Upload your voice data to begin building your voice clone.

    White Glove Service

    Don’t wait weeks for a high quality voice clone! A dedicated team will help you take advantage of the most advanced AI voice cloning model within days.

    How to Create the Perfect AI Voice

    Consider the AI voice cloning best practices below to ensure you produce the highest quality voice clone. 


    Record in a room with good acoustic properties. Soft surfaces absorb sound, reducing echo and background noise.

    Sound Isolation

    Minimize external noise by isolating the recording area. Use acoustic panels, foam, or even heavy drapes to soundproof your space.

    High Quality Microphone

    Invest in a good-quality condenser or dynamic microphone that is well-suited for voice recording.

    Sample Rate & Bit Depth

    Choose a high sample rate (at least 44.1 kHz) and bit depth (16-bit minimum) to capture more detail in your recordings. 

    Multiple Takes

    Record multiple takes to have options during the editing phase.

    Lossless Formats

    Save your file in WAV, a lossless format, for the highest quality.

    Find the Voice that fits your brand.

    Consider the AI voice cloning best practices below to ensure you produce the highest quality voice clone. 

    Call Center Queue

    Create dynamic conversational AI dialogue for your AI Agents without compromising on delivery and performance.

    Ad Personalization

    Create thousands of personalized audio ads based on names, location, addresses, and more within seconds.

    Film Dialogue

    Documentary? Narration? Voice Overs? ADR? Craft each line in seconds with all of the nuances of human speech.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is AI Voice Cloning?

    AI voice cloning is the process of generating synthetic speech that mimics a specific human voice. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, Resemble AI enables users to create realistic and personalized voice replicas for various applications.

    What is the difference between Rapid Voice Clone and Professional Voice Clone?

    Rapid Voice Clone and Professional Voice Clone are both state-of-the-art voice cloning technologies offered on our platform, designed to cater to different user needs and project scopes.

    Rapid Voice Clone is all about speed and efficiency. It enables users to quickly create a custom voice clone using a small audio sample — as little as 10 seconds and up to 1 minute. The cloning process is swift, taking around a minute to complete. Currently, Rapid Voice Clone supports text-to-speech functionality, making it an excellent choice for projects that require fast turnaround times, like prototyping or content development where voice detail is secondary to speed.

    Professional Voice Clone, on the other hand, is built for depth and nuance. It requires a longer audio sample, typically 10 minutes, and approximately an hour to create a voice clone. This clone captures the unique vocal characteristics of the original speaker, including their emotional nuances and expressiveness. Professional Voice Clone supports both text-to-speech and speech-to-speech functionalities and offers the ability to clone voices in various languages for Enterprise plan users. It is best suited for projects that demand high fidelity and detailed voice replication, such as professional-grade voiceovers, broadcasting, and customer engagement solutions where the quality of the voice clone is paramount.

    In summary, the main differences lie in the time required to create the clone, the length of the audio sample needed, and the depth of voice replication and functionality. Your choice between Rapid and Professional Voice Clone should be guided by the specific requirements of your project, the level of detail needed, and the time frame for deployment.

    What is required for professional voice cloning through data upload?

    For professional voice cloning through data upload, we require explicit, verifiable consent from the voice talent. This involves providing a clear audio consent statement along with the training data, so that we can confirm the identity. By uploading voice data, you're confirming that you have such consent, which should align with our guidelines. The consent recording must follow our template, e.g., "I acknowledge my recordings will be used by [Your Company] to create a synthetic voice by Resemble AI." For any questions regarding consent, please reach out to us.

    Can I clone anybody's voice?

    While Resemble AI empowers users to create AI replicas of various voices, it's essential to adhere to ethical guidelines and obtain proper consent before cloning someone's voice. Respect for privacy and intellectual property rights is paramount in utilizing our technology. Please read our Ethics page for more details.

    Does voice cloning preserve the accent?

    Yes, voice cloning through Resemble AI can preserve the accent of the original voice sample. Our platform captures subtle nuances and characteristics of the accent, ensuring that the synthesized voice closely resembles the original speaker's linguistic traits.

    How secure is the data I upload for voice cloning?

    At Resemble AI, we prioritize data security and privacy. We employ robust encryption protocols and adhere to strict confidentiality measures to safeguard user data throughout the voice cloning process. Your uploaded samples are securely stored and used exclusively for the purpose of generating AI voices.

    What languages do I get access to for Localize?

    On the Free and Basic tier, users have access to Spanish (MX), French and British English. There 67 languages available for Localize in Pro (see list).

    How does Resemble AI compare to other Voice Generators like ElevenLabs, Open AI, etc?

    Resemble AI distinguishes itself by its unique capacity to swiftly clone voices utilizing a mere 10 seconds of audio, a functionality unmatched in the industry for its rapidity and effectiveness. This feature is provided at no cost, democratizing access to top-tier voice cloning without requiring an initial financial commitment. Moreover, Resemble AI extends professional voice cloning services, refining models to heighten voice accuracy, thereby guaranteeing lifelike and genuine audio results. Click here detailed comparisons between providers.

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