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Introducing The Deepfake Detection Dashboard: Complete Transparency for Audio Deepfakes

Dec 5, 2023

Resemble AI helps more than 1.5 million creators use Generative Voice AI technology to craft immersive and dynamic experiences. As we push the boundaries of generative voice AI innovation, we leverage our profound expertise in generative AI to combat AI fraud and safety concerns by introducing another layer to our “Antivirus for AI” solution. In January, we released our AI watermarker and this summer, we introduced Resemble Detect, our real-time deepfake detection tool. Today, in our ongoing commitment to placing our customers’ safety first, we are delighted to unveil Resemble Detect’s Deepfake Detection Dashboard—a self-serve platform empowering our customers to upload, analyze, and verify the authenticity of audio content. If you’re in urgent need of an advanced deepfake detection solution, please click the link below to demo Detect. To learn more about the dashboard update continue reading below! 

Unveiling The Deepfake Detection Dashboard

The development of Resemble Detect’s dashboard was driven by our desire to give customers the power to directly identify deepfake audio, providing a user-friendly alternative to Detect’s API integration. This pivotal update to the Resemble Detect suite redefines protection against AI-generated fraud, establishing the deep neural network as a comprehensive, enterprise-grade solution. The deepfake detection dashboard supplies customers with a seamless means to identify deepfake audio across all media forms. Users simply upload an audio file within the user-friendly interface. Then the audio is analyzed in real-time passing through Detect’s advanced Deep Learning Model and results for each file are promptly provided, as illustrated below.

Resemble Detect: Deepfake Detection Dashboard

Resemble Detect’s self-serve deepfake detection dashboard.

Below is a demo of Detect’s dashboard in action displaying the simple three-steps to verify audio authenticity.

Detect’s Decisive Advantage Over Deepfakes

As the legitimacy of audio content continues to be questioned, Detect offers unparalleled advantages in deepfake detection. Detect’s innovative edge comes from a fusion of high scalability, exceptional performance, and unmatched accuracy, underpinned by cutting-edge AI that is constantly being updated. Below are the core strengths that give Resemble Detect an edge in the fight against deepfake technology.

1. Scalability and Performance

Detect’s design ensures it can efficiently handle substantial data volumes and requests. This scalability guarantees uninterrupted performance, even under the most demanding loads, which is invaluable for enterprises operating in time-sensitive scenarios.

2. Unparalleled Accuracy and Reliability

At the heart of Resemble Detect’s performance lies its state-of-the-art neural model, trained to distinguish between real and fake audio with a 98% accuracy. Our commitment to AI innovation ensures that our model evolves in lockstep with deepfake technology, maintaining peak accuracy while minimizing false detections. Read more about our recent deepfake detection research here.

3. Seamless Audio Upload:

Detect is engineered to support WAV, MP3, and similar audio formats. This accessibility ensures that customers can swiftly upload audio files, streamlining the process of deploying Resemble Detect for robust protection.

4. Voice Isolation:

One of the standout features of Resemble Detect is its ability to isolate voices during processing. This advanced capability not only enhances accuracy but also stabilizes the system, adding an extra layer of resilience to defend against deepfake threats. Along with voice isolation, below is a look at the options available to customers when verifying the legitimacy of audio content. 

Resemble Detect: Deepfake Detection Dashboard Controls

Highly customizable experimentation options for testing audio content for authenticity.

Support The Fight Against AI-Generated Fraud

As the digital landscape grows increasingly complex with AI-generated content, Resemble AI will continue to provide the tools required to combat AI-generated fraud effectively. Resemble Detect’s Deepfake Detection Dashboard is another step toward innovation and security. Visit the Resemble Detect landing page to explore AI-powered deepfake detection further or for a walkthrough of Detect’s dashboard, schedule a demo at the link below. 

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