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Text to Speech Online Converter

Generate natural, human-like AI voices by converting Text to Speech online with Resemble AI’s text to speech AI voice generator.

Enhance Your Voice With Our Text to Speech Converter.

Experience the power of AI with our advanced TTS models. From dynamic range to authentic emotion, our voice synthesis bring your content to life.


Just in case anyone was wondering...(made using an AI Synthetic Voice) ##FordMaverick ##voice ##ai

♬ Nobody - Mitski

Versatile AI Voices

Leverage our diverse range of marketplace voices for diverse applications, each engineered to capture the essence of human speech.

Custom AI Voice Cloning

Utilize our advanced AI voice cloning models to clone any voice with high accuracy and authenticity. 

Unparalleled Voice AI Generator

Access an extensive library of voices for any scenario, from corporate presentations to entertainment. Our platform offers a holistic solution, accommodating a vast array of content creation needs with ease and flexibility.


Natural Voice Modification

Our TTS features advanced voice modulation, providing a human-like intonation that captures emotional cues, ensuring that the synthesized voice delivers a clear, dynamic, and context-aware narration.

Easy Integration and Scalability

Designed with developers in mind, our TTS can be easily integrated into various platforms and applications via API, to reliably support scalable solutions for projects of any size. 

Streamlined Content Creation

Our AI voice generator simplifies the content production process. Produce professional-grade voiceovers with a few clicks.

How-to-get started with Text to Speech

Let us walk you through the simplicity and power of our TTS platform. From voice selection to integration, creating voiceovers has never been easier.

1. Find your voice (2 options).

A. Voice Marketplace of AI Voices

Tap into 40+ ready-to-use AI voices from our voice marketplace. The marketplace has voices ranging from raspy to various international accents like the British accent or Russian accent. These AI voices are available to all users!

Resemble AI Voice Marketplace

B. Custom AI Voice Clone

Begin cloning your voice seamlessly with two easy options. Either upload your own voice data in WAV format to your Pro account or record 25 or more voice samples with our intuitive self-serve recording tool available to all users.

Resemble AI Voice Cloning UI

2. Begin generating voice AI content with TTS or Speech to Speech.

Text to Speech Synthesis

Regardless of which type of AI voice you choose, our advanced text to speech model empowers you with unbelievably natural sounding speech generation. It takes one person to voice an unlimited amount of characters simply from our in-app environment.

Features that Set Our TTS Apart

Dive into a suite of features designed for creators seeking a game-changing edge. Our TTS goes beyond mere speaking; it delivers speech with distinctive character, crystal-clear clarity, and customizability.

AI Voice Clone Precision

Our platform offers an advanced AI voice clone feature that captures the subtleties of human speech, enabling you to produce voiceovers with the exact tone and personality needed for your project.

Customizable Voice Cloning

With our voice cloning AI, personalize every aspect of your speech output. Control over nuances allows for voiceovers that can be joyful, serious, or anything in between, tailored specifically to your audience.

Streaming API

Our AI voice cloner is designed for seamless integration, offering a user-friendly API that works across different platforms and apps, ensuring a consistent user experience wherever it’s deployed.

The Possibilities are Limitless with TTS

Discover how diverse industries leverage our Text to Speech to enhance user experience, drive engagement, and break new ground in immersive digital experiences.

Accessibility for the Visually Impaired

TTS serves as an essential tool for the visually impaired, converting written information into audible content, allowing for equal access to digital text. TTS empowers individuals with vision impairments to independently consume news, books, emails, and web content.

Voice Assistance in Customer Service

Customer support systems often employ TTS to interact with customers, providing them with efficient service. It enables automated responses to common inquiries, streamlines the customer experience, and reduces wait times for human assistance.

Video Gaming

AI voice technology revolutionizes character development by providing a vast array of customizable voices. This enables developers to assign distinct, emotionally resonant voices to characters, enhancing the player’s immersion. It streamlines production by enabling rapid prototyping. 

E-Learning Platforms

TTS makes educational content more accessible, especially for those with reading difficulties or those who learn better audibly. It also allows for the auditory consumption of materials, which can benefit various learning styles and can be helpful in remote learning environments.

Navigation Systems

In GPS and other navigation applications, TTS is crucial for providing turn-by-turn directions aloud, allowing drivers to focus on the road. It creates a safer driving experience by reducing distractions and making information easily accessible without needing to look at a screen.

    Entertainment Apps

    In storytelling apps, TTS adds an interactive and engaging layer by giving digital characters and narratives a voice. This enhances the user’s immersive experience without the need for extensive studio time and expensive recording equipment.

    Build Voices that work well with text to voice software.

    Unique digital characters require identifiable voices. Resemble’s core AI voice cloning engine makes it easy for developers to build AI voices and programmatically control them through the API.