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AI Speech Enhancement

Experience the future of audio clarity with Resemble Enhance, our open-source AI-powered speech enhancement model. Enhance transforms noisy audio into pristine speech.


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Dual-Module Power

Denoiser removes unwanted noise, while the Enhancer boosts perceptual quality and restores audio fidelity.

Unmatched Clarity

Eliminate background noise, distortions, and bandwidth limitations for crystal-clear speech.

Open-Source & Accessible:

Freely available for research, development, and commercial use.

Diverse Applications

Podcast production, entertainment, historical audio restoration, and more.

How does it work?

Resemble Enhance simplifies the complex process of audio enhancement into three straightforward steps. This user-friendly approach ensures that anyone, regardless of technical expertise, can achieve professional-level audio quality.


Step 1

Select Your File: Begin by uploading the audio file you want to enhance. Resemble Enhance supports various audio formats, making it versatile for different types of recordings.


Step 2

Denoising: The first module is the advanced denoiser. It uses a sophisticated UNet model to isolate and remove unwanted background noise. This process ensures that the speech in your audio is crystal clear, free from distracting sounds.


Step 3

Enhancing: Following denoising, the enhancer module takes over. It utilizes a latent conditional flow matching model to enrich the audio quality. This includes restoring any distortions and extending the audio bandwidth, making the speech sound more natural and lifelike.

Resemble Enhance UI

For Developers

Technologist on Apple iOS 16.4 Try on HuggingFace

Embark on a seamless journey of audio enhancement with Resemble Enhance, now accessible on HuggingFace! Our state-of-the-art speech enhancement tool is designed for simplicity and efficiency, making it easier than ever to transform your audio files.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Resemble Enhance?

Resemble Enhance is an open-source AI-powered speech enhancement model that removes noise, distortions, and bandwidth limitations from audio to produce crystal-clear speech.

Why is speech enhancement important?

Clear speech is crucial in various fields like podcasts, entertainment, historical recordings, and more. Enhance improves clarity by eliminating unwanted noise and restoring audio fidelity.

Is Resemble Enhance free to use?

Yes, Resemble Enhance is completely open-source and available for anyone to use, modify, and distribute for research, development, or commercial purposes.

How does Resemble Enhance work?

Enhance uses two modules: a denoiser that separates speech from noise and an enhancer that improves perceptual quality and restores audio fidelity.

What is the UNet model used in the denoiser?

The UNet model is a sophisticated filter that predicts the magnitude mask and phase rotation of the speech signal, effectively isolating it from the noise.

What is the Latent Conditional Flow Matching (CFM) model used in the enhancer?

The CFM model predicts the latent representations of clean speech based on a blend of noisy and denoised mel spectrograms. This helps restore the inherent clarity of the original speech.


How can I try Resemble Enhance?

You can try Enhance directly from our website! Simply click on the “Try Enhance Now” button and upload your noisy audio file.

What types of audio files can I use with Enhance?

Enhance currently supports WAV and MP3 files with sampling rates up to 44.1kHz. We are working on expanding compatibility in the future.

Can I control the level of noise reduction and enhancement?

Yes, Enhance provides some control over the denoiser and enhancer modules. You can adjust the strength of the denoiser and the blending parameter for the CFM model to achieve the desired results.

What are the future plans for Resemble Enhance?

We are constantly working to improve Enhance by optimizing processing times, expanding user control over speech elements, and making it even more robust for historical audio restoration. We encourage you to join our online community forum and share your feedback, questions, and success stories. You can also contribute to the development of Enhance by proposing new features or bug fixes.