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 How Red Games used dynamic, interactive AI Voices in Crayola Adventures

Discover how Resemble AI’s dynamic voices brought Crayola Adventures to life, enhancing engagement and learning for young players.


Red Games Co. is an independent mobile game studio dedicated to creating multi-generational, family-friendly games and experiences. Originally formed as a division of RED Interactive Agency, Red Games Co. has evolved into a successful boutique game development studio with a focus on engaging and innovative mobile entertainment. With a leadership team boasting over a decade of collaboration, the studio brings together world-class game-makers and operational staff with a combined 100+ years of game design and development experience.

Specializing in developing hit games for major brands like Hasbro, Universal, Nickelodeon, A&E, and OWN, Red Games Co. has achieved notable success in the gaming industry. Their portfolio includes games that have reached #1 in five different App Store categories, have been featured 12 times by Apple, and have accumulated over 100 million downloads.









Goals & Objectives

Red Games Co. aimed to create an interactive and educational game with Crayola Adventures that transforms traditional storytelling into an engaging, “choose your own adventure” style experience. The objective was to empower children ages 2-8 with creative control and personalization, fostering a sense of authorship and artistic expression. By integrating dynamic, AI-powered voiceovers and best-in-class digital art tools, the game encourages young players to design their own characters, worlds, and stories, making each adventure uniquely their own.


Creative Control and Personalization

Crayola Adventures aims to enable children to design their own characters and worlds, fostering creativity and self-expression.

Enhancing Educational Value

The game promotes learning by helping children develop problem-solving, reading, writing, and storytelling skills through interactive and engaging gameplay.

Safety and Accessibility

Crayola Adventures ensures a safe, family-friendly gaming environment with AI technology to protect young players and make the game accessible to all.

Building a truly interactive game with Generative AI


Red Games Co. begins brainstorming ideas for Crayola Adventures, focusing on an interactive "choose your own adventure" style game that encourages creativity and learning in children aged 2-8. The concept is to use AI-powered voiceovers to bring children's input directly into the game's narration, making each adventure unique and personalized.

Partnering with Resemble AI

Red Games Co. partners with Resemble AI to integrate their advanced voice synthesis technology into Crayola Adventures. This collaboration aims to develop dynamic, interactive voiceovers that respond to user input, enhancing the storytelling experience and making the game accessible for players of all reading levels.

Voice Recording and Training

An in-house audio producer records a wide range of dialogue lines that will be used in the game. These lines are then cloned and fine-tuned using Resemble AI's technology to create multiple unique character voices. This process ensures a diverse and engaging auditory experience without the need for multiple voice talents.

Integrating AI-Powered Voiceovers

The development team integrates Resemble AI's API to synthesize audio on game load. The AI-powered voiceovers dynamically insert user inputs into the narration, creating a personalized storytelling experience. This implementation allows the game to offer a seamless, immersive experience for players.

Safety and Security Features

To ensure a safe gaming environment, Resemble AI's technology is used to monitor and control in-game content. This includes toggling off the ability to synthesize sensitive language, thereby protecting young players and maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere.

Final Testing and Quality Assurance

Red Games Co. conducts thorough testing and quality assurance to ensure that Crayola Adventures meets the highest standards of gameplay, safety, and educational value. This phase includes rigorous testing by Apple Arcade's team to ensure compatibility and performance on their platform. Any issues are addressed promptly, and the game is optimized for a seamless and smooth user experience. Collaboration with Apple Arcade ensures that Crayola Adventures adheres to all platform guidelines and delivers a top-tier experience for players.

Crayola Adventures is designed to transform traditional storytelling by giving players the tools to create and personalize their own unique narratives. Our collaboration with Resemble AI has been crucial in making this vision a reality, and creating a space where players can express themselves freely while in a safe environment.

For young players, non-readers, and learning readers — having full voice narration that incorporates all of their ideas and inputs seamlessly into the story they’re creating makes for some truly magical moments.

Mark Beechy

Executive Creative Director, Red Games Co.

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