We’re taking Generative Voice AI to a new level.

Creatives of all kinds rely on Resemble’s immersive voice engine to rapidly accelerate development of new voice-centric experiences without losing the flexibility and humanness of speech. 

… And we’re doing that with the best mix of Deep Learning and Product.



Software & Deep Learning Engineer. Creator of the Real Time Voice Cloning Repository on Github with over 19,000 Stars


Founder and CEO. The second Z at Resemble. 


Machine Learning Engineer. Masters of Speech Language Processing from University of Edinburgh.


Deep Learning Engineer. Making your artificial voice sound more like you do.


Deep Learning Engineer. Creator of the Open source WaveRNN Repository on Github with over 1,000 Stars


Co-Founder and COO. Most likely to be found on Zoom or Google Meet giving product demos. 


Full Stack Engineer. Created private Runescape Servers when he was 14.

Resemble was born in Toronto, but is built around the world including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Spain, Belgium, and Vancouver.