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Use our AI Character Voice Generator to Match your Digital Character’s unique personality with a unique voice.

Create a World with Immersive Speech and Digital Characters that Sound Real.

Real-time speech for your Real-time Character.

Characters Built with Resemble AI

Build Voices that Fit into your Character

Unique characters require identifiable voices. Resemble’s core Cloning engine makes it easy for developers to build AI voices and programmatically control them through the API or within Unity.

Upload Raw Audio*

If you already have audio from a Voice Talent that you’d like to bring on to our platform, we provide one-click upload functionality to clone speech from any given audio.

* You must provide valid consent from the voice talent in the file you upload.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI character generator?

An AI character generator is a way to use artificial intelligence to automatically generate characters for stories, games, and other creative uses. A tool that allows you to do this, like Resemble AI, can be useful for writers, game designers, and other creatives who need to generate a large number of unique characters quickly and easily. Some AI generators use machine learning algorithms to create characters based on pre-existing data, while others allow users to input specific characteristics and preferences to generate customized characters, via generative AI. An AI character generator can be a valuable tool for generating ideas and inspiration for creative projects.

Resemble AI is the leading provider of high-quality AI voices and voice cloning technology.

Which AI character generators are free?

Resemble AI is an AI character generator that allows you to create a clone of your own voice for free. There is also a large selection of pre-built character voices within Resemble AI’s marketplace.

What types of character voices do you provide?

Resemble AI’s technology is capable of creating character voices from any audio data however copyrighted cartoon characters like Spongebob Squarepants or personalities like Will Smith, Barack Obama, Ben Shapiro, Elon Musk and other deepfake AI Voices are not created without proper consent from the owner of the voice.

Developer Friendly with our API

Integrating speech within your application has never been easier. Create content in realtime with our RESTful API.

Rapidly build production-ready integrations with modern tools. Use Resemble's API to fetch existing content, create new clips and even build voices on the fly.