⚡️ Introducing Rapid Voice Cloning


Use our AI Character Voice Generator to match your Digital Character’s unique personality with a unique voice.

Create a World with Immersive Speech and Digital Characters that Sound Real.

Elevate Your Digital Character with Resemble AI’s Voice

Infuse your digital characters with unique, lifelike AI voices that capture the essence of their personalities. Our rapid voice generation accelerates creative workflows, while our multilingual capabilities ensure your characters resonate globally.

Character Personification

Give each digital character a unique voice that matches their personality, using Resemble’s AI voice cloning technology to create a more immersive and believable experience for users.

Rapid Voice Generation

Quickly generate and implement voices for your digital characters, speeding up the production process without compromising on audio quality.

Multilingual AI Voices

With our AI voice generator, your digital characters can speak in a wide range of accents and languages, making them relatable to a global audience.

Emotionally Expressive Voices

Our voice AI technology captures a spectrum of emotions, enabling your characters to deliver lines with the intended sentiment, from joy to sorrow, anger to fear.


Custom Voice Modulation

Tailor the pitch, tone, and cadence of AI-generated voices to fit the specific traits of your digital characters.

Real-time speech for your real-time Character.

Bringing Digital Characters to Life Across Industries.

Video Gaming

Elevate your gaming universe with Resemble AI’s voice cloning technology, creating a cast of characters each with a unique voice that captivates players and enriches narrative depth. Our AI-generated voices infuse each character with personality and emotion, making in-game interactions and storytelling more immersive and engaging, keeping players invested in your world.

Animation and Film Production

Utilize AI voices to give life to animated characters, providing filmmakers and animators with a flexible and efficient solution for voice acting, especially for pilot episodes or concept pitches where rapid voice talent deployment is essential.

Chatbot Voice Assistant

Revolutionize customer experience with bespoke, branded virtual assistants designed using our AI voice generator. These assistants offer consistent, personable interactions, enhancing brand identity and improving user engagement. They are perfect for streamlining customer service on e-commerce platforms, providing a seamless, interactive, and personalized shopping experience.

Educational Tools and eLearning Platforms

Integrate AI voices into educational software to provide students with engaging, interactive learning experiences. These voices can narrate instructional content, simulate conversations in language learning apps, or provide auditory assistance for visually impaired students, making education more accessible and diverse.

How to Add Voice to Your Digital Character

Craft voice AI content for your digital avatar with our easy to use web editor or programatically with our streaming API. We offer both text to speech and speech to speech synthesis. 


Choose Your AI Voice

You have the option to clone your voice or choose from our marketplace of pre-built AI voices that are ready to generate content.


Text to Speech Generator

Type your text into our text to speech module labeled ‘text’ and then press the play button to generate your voiceover. If you would like to choose from multiple voiceover samples, click the ‘thumbs up’ button that displays upon hovering over the text module.


Download Your Voiceover

Hover over the text module and a tool menu will appear above. Click the download button and now you’re ready to upload your voiceover.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI character generator?

An AI character generator is a way to use artificial intelligence to automatically generate characters for stories, games, and other creative uses. A tool that allows you to do this, like Resemble AI, can be useful for writers, game designers, and other creatives who need to generate a large number of unique characters quickly and easily. Some AI generators use machine learning algorithms to create characters based on pre-existing data, while others allow users to input specific characteristics and preferences to generate customized characters, via generative AI. An AI character generator can be a valuable tool for generating ideas and inspiration for creative projects.

Resemble AI is the leading provider of high-quality AI voices and voice cloning technology.

Which AI character generators are free?

Resemble AI is an AI character generator that allows you to create a clone of your own voice for free. There is also a large selection of pre-built character voices within Resemble AI’s marketplace.

What types of character voices do you provide?

Resemble AI’s technology is capable of creating character voices from any audio data however copyrighted cartoon characters like Spongebob Squarepants or personalities like Will Smith, Barack Obama, Ben Shapiro, Elon Musk and other deepfake AI Voices are not created without proper consent from the owner of the voice.

Developer Friendly with our API

Integrating speech within your application has never been easier. Create content in realtime with our RESTful API.

Rapidly build production-ready integrations with modern tools. Use Resemble's API to fetch existing content, create new clips and even build voices on the fly.