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Speech-to-Speech: Realtime AI Voice Changer

Transform your voice into another with our real-time Voice Changer. Control every nuance, inflection and delivery in realtime. Integrates seamlessly with Discord, Google Meet, Zoom, Teams, Roblox, Whatsapp, and more.

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AI Voice Generator meets real-time Voice Changer

At the core of our voice changer is a robust AI model capable of mimicking any voice with astonishing accuracy and emotional range.

High-Quality Audio

Enjoy crystal-clear voice outputs at 48kHz, perfect for professional and personal use.

Ultra-Low Latency

With just 100ms delay, our voice changer responds in real-time, ensuring smooth communication and interaction.

AI Voices that sound indistinguishable from humans.

Our AI Voice Engine is designed to clone voices at an extremely high accuracy, copying over the emotion, style, and accent.

Capture Emotions

Preserve the emotional depth of your content with our wide selection of authentic voice profiles.

Perfect Delivery

Every inflection and tone is meticulously calibrated to convey your intended emotions and nuances.

Multilingual Ready

Just like all of our text-to-speech voices, our speech-to-speech voices work across 149+ languages.

Run our speech-to-speech model offline

Get started with Resemble’s voice AI capabilities in minutes using our convenient Python package. Perfect for developers who want to quickly experiment or incorporate voice features into existing applications.

    Easy Installation

    Install the Resemble package directly from your Python environment using familiar pip commands. No complex setup or additional tools required.

    Secure and Self-Contained

    The resemble-local package runs entirely on your own machines, keeping your voice data and processing fully isolated. No internet connection or external dependencies needed.

    Flexible Licensing

    Choose the subscription plan that fits your needs, from individual seats to site-wide licenses. Upgrade anytime as your usage grows, without any change to your code.

    Benefits of our AI Voice Changer

    Resemble AI’s Voice Changer is revolutionizing the way creators, developers, and businesses around the globe create and manage audio content. Here’s why it’s becoming their go-to solution:

    Build your own AI Voices

    Resemble AI’s Voice Changer is revolutionizing the way creators, developers, and businesses around the globe create and manage audio content. Here’s why it’s becoming their go-to solution:

    AI Voice Marketplace

    Tap into our rich and diverse marketplace of AI voices modify voice and tap into your alter ego! Marketplace Voices enable you to mod voice style, gender, and even include international accents.

    Integrate into Apps

    Integrate our live voice changer for Discord, Twitch, Zoom, Google Meet, and hundreds of other applications within seconds. Or use our API and SDKs to bundle our AI voice changer into your app.

    How to Use Our AI Voice Changer 

    Voice modification is available through anyone of our marketplace voices or if you’re looking for something more custom, you can clone your voice. Either route you take, getting started with our AI voice generator requires minimal effort. You’ll be able to create AI generated content with the most advanced text to speech and speech to speech models.  

    AI Voice Marketplace - Resemble AI

    Custom Voice Cloning

    Are you looking to create a custom voice changer? You can start by recording or uploading audio data to build your custom AI voice clone. From there you can tweak your voice settings to capture the right pitch, tone, and speed of delivery. A tailored voice will match your mood and the style of audio content, enhancing engagement with your audience.

    Resemble AI TTS & STS

    Find your voice in our marketplace

    • Over 40 AI voices ready to use out of the box.
    • Variety of voice styles from high pitch, raspy, deep, to menacing voices.
    • Female and male voices
    • AI Voices with multilingual accents, from the British accent to multiple Eastern European accents.
    • Efficiently create voiceovers within seconds by deploying a variety of natural sounding AI voices.
    Resemble AI Voice Cloning

    Begin Creating Content

    With the voice of your choice you can now create  content with your voice changer by simply typing text into our app’s text to speech module. For enhanced emotional control of your AI generated speech, you have the option of content creation with our speech to speech model. The STS model is excellent for capturing happiness, anger, customer service tone, or even whispering.

    Voice Changer Use Cases and Examples

    Game Dialogue

    Create dynamic dialogue for your game characters without compromising on performance.


    Create thousands of personalized audio ads based on names, location, addresses, and more within seconds.

    Film Dialogue

    Documentary? Narration? Voiceover? Craft each with all of the nuances of human speech in seconds.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a voice changer?

    A voice changer is a tool that allows users to alter their voice in real-time, either by changing the pitch, tone, or other characteristics of their voice. Voice changers can be used for creating special effects for audio or video content. Resemble AI’s voice changer allows you to use speech-to-speech to apply your voice’s cadence to an AI voice of your choice (provided you have the proper rights for that voice).

    Where to get a voice changer?

    You can use the voice changer from Resemble AI to use and morph your voice into either a custom or a wide selection of AI voices.

    Are voice changers free?

    Pricing for voice changers depends on the features that they provide. At Resemble AI, voice changing is a custom feature available on our commercial plans.

    Are voice changers real?

    Yes, voice changers are very much real, as can be seen via the samples on our website and on Resemble AI’s YouTube channel.

    How does Resemble AI ensure the quality of generated voices?

    Resemble AI utilizes advanced speech-to-speech models and deep learning algorithms to ensure that each voice output maintains natural tone, clarity, and emotion. We offer 48kHz audio quality which is among the highest standards available for crystal-clear voice reproduction.

    Can Resemble AI's Voice Changer be used offline?

    Yes, one of the standout features of our Voice Changer is its ability to operate completely offline. This functionality is crucial for users requiring extra security measures and those who need to integrate the technology in on-premises systems without constant internet connectivity.

    What makes Resemble AI's Voice Changer unique compared to other voice changers like voicemod or voices.ai?

    Unlike many other voice changers, Resemble AI’s product boasts ultra-low latency (just 100ms delay), high-quality audio output at 48kHz, and the capability to run offline. These features make it ideal for real-time applications and sensitive environments where data privacy is a priority.

    Where is the voice changer on TikTok?

    For more information on how to use AI voices on TikTok and how to change your voice, check out Resemble AI’s TikTok AI page.

    Is there a trial version available for Resemble AI's Voice Changer?

    Yes, we offer a trial version so potential users can experience firsthand the capabilities and benefits of our AI Voice Changer. This allows you to explore its features and determine how it can best serve your specific needs before committing to a full purchase.

    How to use a voice changer on discord?

    Our AI Voice Changer works seemlessly with virtual micorphones so you can easily integrate into Discord.

    Integrate Real-time Speech-to-Speech to your app via API

    Rapidly build production-ready integrations with modern tools. Use Resemble's API to create immersive, real-time, low latency Voice Conversion experiences.