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OREO Case Study: How Companies Are Using AI Voice Generators In Marketing

Oct 2, 2023

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re at a loss for words? Explaining how you managed to spill water directly below your pant zipper isn’t anyone’s shining moment. OREO thinks the same about those situations. Sympathetic to those moments, the Mondelez company with the creative direction of The Content Factory, recently launched a marketing campaign, ‘Say it with OREO’. The face of the campaign is Bollywood icon, Farhan Akhtar. Who better to help you charm your way through those awkward moments? You won’t need access to the red carpet to learn how companies are using AI voice generators in marketing. In this article, we share the ‘Say It With OREO’ campaign case study to explain how generative AI voice made this all possible. 

The OREO Dilemma: Reimagining Playfulness 

The objective of the ‘Say It With OREO’ campaign was to promote OREO’s brand platform of ‘Stay Playful’ by leveraging the star power of Farhan. OREO, known for its commitment to fostering playful moments, was on a mission to engage its audience in a unique and memorable way. The challenge was to find an innovative solution to encourage playful consumer interactions while staying on brand.

Crafting Playfulness With Generative AI

With the creative direction of media geniuses, The Content Factory, OREO’s strategy
involved introducing special edition packs of cookies, each cookie embossed with the letters of the English alphabet. These packs came with a QR code that, when scanned, redirected consumers to the ‘Say It With OREO’ microsite
. This was where users could share awkward/funny situations and receive customized audio messages featuring playful answers from Farhan Akhtar. Below is a representation of the user’s journey from the physical good to microsite.

Resemble AI Case Study: Say It With Oreo User Engagement Diagram

Diagram A: Consumer journey from product to microsite using QR codes.

The AI Voice Cloning of Bollywood’s Lead Man

With the campaign strategy in place, The Content Factory team had to come up with something riveting to engage customers. The solution was generative voice AI technology but the challenge literally sounded daunting. Their concern was getting an accurate clone of Farhan’s voice, but Resemble’s voice cloning model replicated the huskiness of his voice with ease and remarkable accuracy. The TTS voice cloning model enabled the OREO team to capture every nuance of Akhtar’s voice and have it available at their fingertips. Below are amusing short form videos from the campaign featuring Farhan Akhtar and his cloned voice by Resemble. 

Short-form OREO clips featuring Farhan Akhtar and his AI-generated voice. 

Beginning with voice cloning, Resemble’s AI voice technology played a pivotal role in the success of the campaign by allowing the replication of Farhan Akhtar’s voice. The accurate cloning of his voice brought a level of authenticity and familiarity to the AI-generated responses. This was a perfect demonstration of how voice cloning has the potential to revolutionize brand communication, creating more immersive and relatable experiences.

Say It With Text to Speech

Moving on from voice cloning, lets discuss the AI content generation process. As the cornerstone of this campaign, the Resemble AI voice generator took the large language model’s witty responses to the awkward situations shared by users and converted them into Farhan’s synthetic voice. Yes, multiple AI-integrations were seamlessly deployed in this campaign! Below is a diagram walkthrough of the two phases where Generative AI was integrated into the user’s journey.

AI Voice Generators in Marketing: Say It With Oreo Text-to-Speech Diagram

Diagram B: The integrations involved in recreating Farhan Akhtar’s TTS generated AI voice content. 

Referencing Diagram A from the beginning of this article, once the user is prompted at the microsite, the user will enter text related to their awkward moment. At that point, there will be a request to the Large Language Model’s API where a quirky response generates. Through our API integration, that response is then shepherded to Resemble’s API. Our AI voice generator then generates Farhan’s voice content through text to speech synthesis. In simpler terms, the LLM’s text is converted into AI-generated content using the actor’s AI voice. The result was playful banter that encouraged users to engage further in generating more responses from the Bollywood superstar. Resemble’s AI voice cloning breathed life into the responses via text to speech conversion, delivering them in Farhan Akhtar’s unmistakable voice. 

Playfully Engaging Consumers 

The campaign’s microsite, driven by Generative AI technology, provided a seamless and enjoyable user experience. It encouraged consumers to share their own awkward moments, knowing that a playful response from Farhan Akhtar’s voice was just a few clicks away. This created a sense of connection and engagement that aligned perfectly with OREO’s ‘Stay Playful’ ethos. Quantifiable results told the story of the campaign’s success. Engagement rates soared on social media, and microsite traffic surged. The campaign drove an overwhelming amount of engagement from consumers and praise from Executives involved in the campaign’s success. ‘Say It With OREO‘ had achieved its objectives and then some.

#SayItWithOreo Shareable Content 

Resemble AI Case Study: Say It With Oreo Testimonial

Testimonial from Content Factory Executive VP, Varun Shah.

Resemble AI Case Study: Say It With Oreo - Campaign Performance

Say It With OREO Campaign Performance

The Impact of Generative Voice AI On Social Sharing

One of the campaign’s brilliant aspects was its encouragement of social sharing. Users delighted in sharing their playful interactions on social media, lead to organic buzz and strengthening OREO’s brand identity. User-generated content became a powerful tool in amplifying the campaign’s reach and validated the success of the campaign. OREO’s campaign leveraged AI-driven interactions to encourage users to share their experiences online. This organic buzz not only amplifies the campaign’s reach but also builds brand loyalty. It’s a testament to how AI can drive engagement beyond the initial interaction.

Marketing Personalization and Scalability with Resemble’s AI Voice Generator

What made this campaign even more remarkable was its scalability. As demonstrated by the campaign, AI technology allowed for the generation of personalized messaging at scale. Every user received a unique and playful response, creating a sense of individualized engagement. This level of personalization not only enhances the user experience but also builds stronger connections between consumers and brands. If you’re interested in more examples of brands scaling messaging through personalization read this article.

Hyper-Engagement Through Generative Voice AI 

Looking forward, AI will continue to play a pivotal role in enhancing consumer interactions and driving brand success. It’s a reminder that with the right blend of creativity and technology, we can turn marketing into moments of delight. In a world where consumers are inundated with messages, Generative AI offers a way to cut through the noise and create meaningful connections that leave a lasting impression. OREO’s campaign is just the beginning of what’s possible in the world of AI-driven marketing. It also raises questions about how AI could further integrate into future marketing strategies to foster even deeper connections. The integration of AI technology in marketing is not just a trend; it’s a transformation. It’s becoming an indispensable tool for brands looking to engage consumers on a deeper level. The ‘Say It With OREO’ campaign is a perfect example of AI’s potential.

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