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Tune into the deepfake incident report to keep up-to-date with Deepfake AI incidents and trending AI Security breaches affecting our digital world. 

Recent Deepfake Incidents

Scarlett Johansson Deepfake

Scarlett Johansson claims her likeness was used by AI app, Lisa AI to promote their text to image avatar creator.

Jill Biden Israel-Palestine Conflict Deepfake

A deepfake of United States First Lady, Jill Biden surfaced on social media where she is being critical of husband Joe Biden.

Video Game Voice Actor Deepfakes

Elder Scrolls and Genshin Impact voice actors share firsthand accounts of discovering their cloned voices in deepfake content on social media platforms.

Gayle King Deepfake Video Ad

CBS Mornings' Gayle King issues a warning to fans about a deepfake video circulating social media. Read how platforms are combating the surge of deepfake content.

Bella Hadid Deepfake: In Support of Israel

A Bella Hadid deepfake video is posted by an Israeli CEO of an NGO that tries to take a pragmatic approach to solving the conflict.

Hamish Blake Deepfake Incident Report

The accuracy of the Australian comedian's deepfake voice raises ethical implications associated to deepfake technology.

Tom Hanks Deepfake Dental Advertisement

Tom Hanks finds himself promoting a dental plan in a recent deepfake video. Read how deepfakes are being created and tips on how to identify them.

Greta Thunberg Deepfake

A satirical deepfake targeted at 20 year old climate change activist, Greta Thunberg and its adverse impact on her reputation.

Keir Starmer Political Deepfake Analysis

The supposed Twitter tirade of British Labour Party leader, Keir Starmer shocks the democratic process in the UK.

MrBeast Deepfake: TikTok iPhone 15 Giveaway Scam

Deep dive into Resemble Detect's deepfake detection analysis of MrBeast's deepfake TikTok advertisement of an iPhone 15 giveaway scam.

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