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Free Deepfake Detector

1 out of 4 people are impacted by Voice AI Scams causing more than $1.6B in damages. Protect your organization today by integrating Resemble’s Detect Stack.

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Over 200,135 AI voices generate more than 2,000,000 minutes of audio per month on Resemble!

Complete Enterprise Security with Resemble Detect

Resemble Detect is a cutting-edge AI model that provides real-time detection of deepfake audio across various media types, distinguishing between real and fake audio with up to 98% accuracy, thereby safeguarding audio authenticity and combating AI fraud.

90%+ Accuracy Pretrained

Our AI Detect model captures 90% of audio deepfakes out of the box making it a robust, versatile choice that's ready to integrate in seconds.

Works against all Vendors and Models

The Detect model has been built to work against all Generative AI Vendors and Open Source models including Resemble AI, Microsoft, Google Wavenet, AWS Polly, and ElevenLabs.

Robust against noise and codecs

Our Detect AI model has been tested against filters, noise, and across codecs to make sure we cover as much surface area as possible.


200ms to Response

Detect is able to handle large volumes of data and requests without significant delays. This scalability ensures uninterrupted performance even under the most demanding loads, vital for enterprise operations.

Upload Audio

Users can upload their audio files directly onto the platform, supporting common formats such as WAV or MP3, making it accessible for a variety of audio content.

Isolate Vocals

The ability to isolate the voice while processing detect workloads improves accuracy and stability of the system. Voice Isolation is baked into Resemble Detect.

 Deepfake Detection Dashboard for Visibility

A complete dashboard to monitor detect activity and generate predictions using simple drag and drop.

Complete Control for Complete Security.

Detect exposes knobs and control operations to ensure that every application and requirement is met. Have control over the granularity of the analysis, sensitivity towards false-positives, and vocal isolation for to remove the noise.


Step 1

Configure Your Settings: Customize detection settings to match your specific security needs.


Step 2

Upload Your Audio: Detect’s cutting edge technology accepts WAV, MP3, and similar file formats.


Step 3

Analyze & Verify: Start monitoring your audio content. Resemble Detect will analyze and provide real-time alerts on suspicious content.

Controls for Resemble Detect. Change frame length, sensitivity, and isolate voice.

For Developers

Developer first API

Empower your applications to recognize deepfake audio across a myriad of media types, from music to podcasts, combating AI fraud by leveraging cutting-edge neural models.

Resemble AI Detect API

Is your organization ready for deepfakes? We can help.

Detect is a market-ready solution for those needing robust authentication, boasting strong performance and low complexity for easy integration. Our APIs make it simple for Developers to integrate Detect into their application.

More FAQs

Is there a free version of Resemble Detect?

A free version of Resemble Detect is made available at detect.resemble.ai

What does the free version of Resemble Detect include?

The free version of Detect is made available for non-commercial purposes and includes detecting audio up to 2 minutes in duration. 

How does Resemble Detect work?

Resemble Detect analyzes audio frame-by-frame, utilizing a deep neural network trained specifically to differentiate between genuine and fake audio. This allows it to accurately detect any amount of inserted or altered audio, ensuring the authenticity of the audio content.

How does Resemble AI ensure the ethical use of its technology?

Resemble AI enforces strict usage guidelines and requires explicit user consent for voice cloning to prevent malicious use. It employs a consent clip verification process to ensure the authenticity of the voice being cloned and utilizes specific sentences to flag potential misuse.

How can I use the API for Deepfake Detection?

Resemble’s enterprise solution includes API access to our Deepfake Detection model. Please talk to sales to learn more.