Differentiate your smart assistant with a voice that doesn’t sound like the masses.

Give your Alexa Skill or Google Home app a unique and personalized voice.

We understand that in this day and age, content has to be generated on the fly and has to be dynamic. Resemble offers the creative freedom to creators to create audio in real-time so they can focus on the creative part.


Resemble’s speech content is made to fit into your existing workflow. Whether that means creating audio assets in advance or on the fly using our API. The content generated by Resemble can be hooked into Dialogflow or any similar NLU engine.

Clone your voice or your talent’s voice by recording on our platform or simply upload the data that you would like to clone. In a few hours, you will have a voice ready to be used for your Alexa Skill or Google Home app.

Once you have your audio generated, download it as mp3s to upload it to your skill. Or use our flexible yet powerful API to programmatically create and consume the audio content. 

Get Started for Free and Clone your Voice in just 10 Mins.