⚡️ Introducing Rapid Voice Cloning


Text to Speech in Mandarin

Resemble builds custom AI voices in Mandarin paired with a powerful TTS engine.

Mandarin Voices built for you

Resemble enables users to upload your own voice data and create highly realistic AI Voices in Mandarin. Just upload your data, and have it in any other


AI Voices in Chinese

Building a voice for your brand? Do you need something that will speak to your international audience or talk to consumers in their native language?

Resemble’s AI Generated Voices can be created in any language including Mandarin with less than 30 minutes of audio data. Simply get started by sending us your audio data and hear the magic for yourself.




只需不到30分钟的语音数据 ,Resemble AI 可以为您生成包括中文在内的任何语言!


Custom Voices that go Beyond Borders

Resemble enables you to clone any voice regardless of the language, so you can focus on building your experience.


See how Mandarin voices integrate into your application

Integrate our TTS Engine in Dialogflow, Talkdesk, Unity, Python, Ruby, Javascript, GoLang, and Rust. Don’t see your integration or language? Building with our REST API is easy.

Integrations with Resemble AI featuring Python, Ruby, Javascript, Unity, Talkdesk, and Dialogflow

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Mandarin TTS work?

Write content in the specified language and let our neural TTS engine generate natural sounding speech within seconds.

How does Voice Cloning work with Mandarin?

Our users can provide data in any language and get fluent Mandarin voices built out of the box. Simply upload data to our web application or through the API and we’ll create the voice model in minutes.

Can I translate voices to Mandarin?

Although Resemble doesn’t handle the text translation portion, we can localize any Voice into 20+ languages. Simply type in the text in the target language, and magically hear your AI Voice localize the content.

Can Mandarin voices work with the API?

All of our AI Voices are compatible with our real time voice cloning API. Visit our docs to learn more.