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Rapid and Accurate Voice Cloning

Resemble AI sets itself apart with the ability to rapidly clone voices using just 10 seconds of audio, a feature that is unparalleled for its speed and efficiency in the industry. This capability is available for free, making it accessible for users to experience high-quality voice cloning without an upfront investment. Additionally, Resemble AI offers professional voice cloning that fine-tunes models to increase the accuracy of voices, ensuring lifelike and authentic audio outputs.

Offline Solutions for Flexible Deployment

For users requiring privacy or operating in bandwidth-limited environments, Resemble AI provides an offline solution that allows running Resemble’s TTS stack locally. This ensures data security and operational flexibility.

Deepfake Detection and AI Watermarking

In the realm of security, Resemble AI offers cutting-edge AI deepfake detection and watermarking capabilities. These features are essential for businesses and content creators aiming to protect their intellectual property and authenticate their audio content in an era where digital replication is becoming increasingly sophisticated .


200ms to Response

Detect is able to handle large volumes of data and requests without significant delays. This scalability ensures uninterrupted performance even under the most demanding loads, vital for enterprise operations.

Upload Audio

Users can upload their audio files directly onto the platform, supporting common formats such as WAV or MP3, making it accessible for a variety of audio content.

Isolate Vocals

The ability to isolate the voice while processing detect workloads improves accuracy and stability of the system. Voice Isolation is baked into Resemble Detect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much audio do I need to provide to clone my voice?

With Resemble AI, you can clone your voice from just 10 seconds of audio. OpenAI requires a longer 15-second voice sample.

What is the difference between Rapid Voice Clone and Professional Voice Clone?

Rapid Voice Clone and Professional Voice Clone are both state-of-the-art voice cloning technologies offered on our platform, designed to cater to different user needs and project scopes.

Rapid Voice Clone is all about speed and efficiency. It enables users to quickly create a custom voice clone using a small audio sample — as little as 10 seconds and up to 1 minute. The cloning process is swift, taking around a minute to complete. Currently, Rapid Voice Clone supports text-to-speech functionality, making it an excellent choice for projects that require fast turnaround times, like prototyping or content development where voice detail is secondary to speed.

Professional Voice Clone, on the other hand, is built for depth and nuance. It requires a longer audio sample, typically 10 minutes, and approximately an hour to create a voice clone. This clone captures the unique vocal characteristics of the original speaker, including their emotional nuances and expressiveness. Professional Voice Clone supports both text-to-speech and speech-to-speech functionalities and offers the ability to clone voices in various languages for Enterprise plan users. It is best suited for projects that demand high fidelity and detailed voice replication, such as professional-grade voiceovers, broadcasting, and customer engagement solutions where the quality of the voice clone is paramount.

In summary, the main differences lie in the time required to create the clone, the length of the audio sample needed, and the depth of voice replication and functionality. Your choice between Rapid and Professional Voice Clone should be guided by the specific requirements of your project, the level of detail needed, and the time frame for deployment.

What is required for professional voice cloning through data upload?

For professional voice cloning through data upload, we require explicit, verifiable consent from the voice talent. This involves providing a clear audio consent statement along with the training data, so that we can confirm the identity. By uploading voice data, you're confirming that you have such consent, which should align with our guidelines. The consent recording must follow our template, e.g., "I acknowledge my recordings will be used by [Your Company] to create a synthetic voice by Resemble AI." For any questions regarding consent, please reach out to us.

Can I clone my voice for free?

Yes! Resemble AI offers free voice cloning for everyone.

What languages do I get access to for Localize?

On the Free and Basic tier, users have access to Spanish (MX), French and British English. There 67 languages available for Localize in Pro (see list).

Can I run the voice cloning technology on my own servers?

Absolutely. Resemble AI offers an offline solution that allows you to host our entire text-to-speech stack locally for maximum data security and control.

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