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How to get hyper-personalized audio with Resemble Fill

Jul 26, 2021

Virtual Assistants, especially as call centre agents, are becoming a lot more crucial when interacting remotely with customers. 44% of people surveyed in the U.S. still prefer phone or voice as their primary customer service channel. That’s 21% higher than any other channel available, with live chat coming in second at 23%.

We’ve been working with quite a few companies who want to build a custom voice assistant and get a variation of the same query from all of them. How can I have the assistant provide programmatic answers?

They still face the same issues. A difficult setup, lots of programming, no way to hyper personalize the audio, or lack of integration support. Customers are finding current solutions to be ineffective as they aren’t able to be tailored to their needs.

Now this article would be useless if I just told you the problems and not the solutions so without further ado, this is how we can fix that. Our answer is Resemble Fill.

Resemble Fill allows you you take existing recordings and modify various words in the sentence to make it just perfect for your use.

For example, what if your company has multiple locations? How can you customize your voice assistant with that? Or if you’re running a particular promotion, and want to share customized offers for the customers?

That is the magic of AI custom voices. You can generate on the fly responses without the need for pre-recorded audio. In an instant you can personalize the conversation with different details from the customer. That’s what we mean by Fill. All this creates hyper-personalized audio that flows well with the sample audio provided to Resemble.

Here’s a demo showing how you might be able to customize audio with a location.

Did you notice that we changed the promotion offered in the different location too?

You can change any parameter you want and create a recording with custom offers for various customers.

“Hi John, we want to thank you for being a valuable customer with us for over 5 years (FILL) and would love to offer you $25 (FILL) off during your next purchase. How does that sound?“

This could save you hours from pre-programming and recording while offering a selection of high-quality voices.

Resemble Fill can be used with other use cases as well. For example, one way to create a smart assistant capable of answering questions in an authentic manner is to use our GPT-3 integration. This way you can provide answers to the customer using natural language and speech akin to a real call centre agent or assistant. Sometimes all these answers need are one or two parameters changed like the exact time a business is open till, or how many products they have in stock.

As a side note, you can even use our AI voices to adapt across languages. See here for how we can localize the audio without the need for multilingual speakers. In this article we show how Resemble Fill can even be used across languages.

Finally, imagine if you’re on a call support line and you can get personalized responses from our professional, soothing voices. How likely do you think the customer would enjoy that experience compared to a cookie cutter synthetic voice that sounds like a monotonous robot?

Professional AI Voices with Resemble Fill

Get Started With Creating Personalized Audio

If you’re interested in getting access to Resemble Fill, schedule a demo with us and we would be happy to connect and discuss how we can support you for your project.


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