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What are Alexa skills?

Mar 9, 2021

It seems that everyone and their grandma now have some form of a smart speaker in their house. With amazing Amazon Prime Day deals, and Holiday specials, who can blame anyone gifting these new smart tech accessories.

The sounds of “Alexa” and “Hey Google” ring across households to summon the latest Netflix special, turn the lights on, or even recite the weather forecast. To provide more functionality to these smart assistants, companies like Amazon have allowed developers to create voice-activated apps they call “Alexa Skills”. These apps range across varying categories from Health & Fitness, Finance, and Education and allow you to quiz yourself, learn random facts, and my personal favourite, meditation.

Imagine if the next time I close my eyes to meditate, I can be guided by the soothing voice of Morgan Freeman, or be motivated by the voice of business darling Elon Musk. In fact, according to an Adobe Analytics Voice report, a third of the participants wanted a celebrity voice as a voice assistant option with names like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Oprah Winfrey. 

Thankfully, using custom voices for skills is no longer a laborious task due to Resemble AI’s advanced realistic voice cloning API. On Resemble AI’s website, with just a few samples of a voice, you can create a synthetic voice clone with the broad vocal functionality of an assistant like Siri or Alexa.

Once the voice is created, you can use Resemble AI’s project guide here, to integrate that voice into your new Alexa Skill.

Here, in this example, you can see Resemble AI’s voice cloning used with another breakthrough AI technology, GPT-3 by Open AI to simulate a realistic Albert Einstein Avatar.

Using Resemble AI, you can summon the wisdom and intellect of one of the greatest minds in history. Not just that but you can actually hear him talk to you and give you sage advice. So now when you ever want to get a better understanding of the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, you can hear about it from the man himself.

The possibilities for Resemble AI’s technology are only limited by your imagination (and legal copyrights on a celebrity’s voice).

My hope is that the next time we play Jeopardy, a popular Alexa Skill with over 50,000+ reviews, we can all listen to Alex Trebek himself reading the questions, rather than the repetitive voice of Alexa.

Jeopardy Alexa Skill

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