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Voice on Twitter can change your tweeting strategy

Jun 18, 2020

Yesterday, Twitter surprised us all with releasing Voice Tweets. This is the first time the social giant has made movements in an audio-centric place, in an otherwise visual (text, images, videos, and GIFs) platform. So we’re here to answer the question on everyones mind. What do voice tweets mean for your twitter strategy?

There has been a lot of buzz around what this could mean in terms of how people share their thoughts on a platform that focuses on conciseness and clarity. It also is interesting to ponder on what interesting tweeting strategies can pop up from this. GIFs have been the goto method for posting reactions, threads have been some of introductions that have changed the tweeting game.

At Resemble, we’re fascinated with what this change could mean for many groups of people. With the rise in podcasting, and audiobooks, Twitter is well poised to become the defacto for short-form audio-blogging. The most exciting change is the amount of information voice enables you to fill in compared to plain-text tweets. The default 280 characters which Twitter allows is just ~20% of what voice content will allow you to publish with voice, which comes in at 140 seconds of audio (~1,300 characters).

Here are some ways that we think Voice Tweets will change your tweeting strategy:

  1. Audio content consumes a lot less real-estate on your screens, but packs a lot more information. News agencies can effectively serve a lot more content with a lot less information on the screen.
  2. Voice is ideal for branding. Voices are extremely memorable, which is why when I say Bugs Bunny or Flo from Progressive, you can imagine exactly what their voice sounds like and associate it to their brand.
  3. To Americans, this concept might be new, but voice messaging is wildly popular outside of North America where the typing out your thoughts is less than ideal in other languages. By introducing voice, Twitter has removed the friction for millions of people to share their thoughts.

How Resemble accelerates your Tweet Game

Resemble provides a seamless way to convert your content into audio and publish it to social platforms. We actually started experimenting with this ourselves:

Creating voice content at a massive scale is where Resemble really excels, with over 39,000 voices created on the platform. Interactive voice campaigns on Twitter can be done in real-time alongside your existing twitter strategy using Resemble’s API to programmatically generate content

To learn more, sign up on our platform and clone your voice for free.

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