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Resemble Marketplace: Content Creation At Your Fingertips

Jul 31, 2023

40+ AI Voices To Amplify Your Content

Over 35 years of audio have been created on Resemble’s platform in the last few months. Today, we’re pleased to add new voices to our marketplace of 40+ AI voices. Each voice showcases the naturalness and diversity of the marketplace’s AI voices. As demand for high-quality voiceover work and AI voices continues to soar, businesses and developers seek innovative solutions to meet their growing needs. The Resemble voice marketplace of AI voices is at the forefront of revolutionizing this landscape by creating production efficiencies for enterprise customers. Let’s explore the range of voices and benefits of activating the marketplace of AI voices powered by Resemble’s AI voice generator. For those interested in exploring our marketplace right now, please click the button below.

High-Quality Voices To Elevate User Experience

Exceptional enunciation, intonation, and emotional range, are key to creating captivating and immersive experiences. Our AI voice generator ensures that each marketplace voice possesses the same high-quality characteristics. Whether you’re synthesizing with Text-to-speech (TTS) or Speech-to-Speech (STS) the results are natural and engaging AI voices that resonate with users on a human level (find an explanation of TTS and STS here). The voice quality of the marketplace voices gives customer’s full directorial control of their content. Whether it’s a voice bot at a contact center or an audiobook narrator captivating listeners reading the Game of Thrones audiobook, the lifelike quality of our AI voices elevates your user’s audio experience. Below is a voice profile of one of our marketplace voices, Tanja, conducting a narration via TTS. She has a wide range of sounds which span all the way to whispering (search ‘Whispering Willow’ in the marketplace).

Narration by Tanja, a Marketplace AI Voice.

Embracing Inclusivity With Resemble’s Diverse AI Voices

One of the key advantages of the voice marketplace is the vast array of diverse female and male voices, accents, and languages that are available. Inclusivity is no longer an option but a necessity for any business or developer aiming to create products that cater to a global audience. By leveraging the voice marketplace, you gain access to an extensive collection of natural, high-quality voices from different linguistic backgrounds. This allows your applications to become more accessible and engaging for users around the world. Also, the use cases are robust for female voice over and male voice overs spanning across games, character, IVR, and more. Additionally, the marketplace provides individuals with speech impairments the ability to find an AI voice that suits their commercial voice over needs. Listen to the diverse samples below to get a feeling for the comprehensive range of AI voices.

Achieve Consistency With AI Voices

Consistency is the backbone of any successful project. Whether you’re creating an audiobook or developing a voice bot, maintaining consistent voice quality throughout the experience is imperative for a seamless user journey. The marketplace’s AI voices ensure that you achieve this level of consistency effortlessly. With an AI voice, you guarantee a uniform delivery of content, eliminating jarring transitions. This level of reliability fosters trust and familiarity with users. Our AI voice generator is a perfect resource for building a brand or character’s persona. Below is a video walk through featuring Josh, a marketplace voice that specializes in characters and gaming. The video showcases how consistent Josh’s Text-to-Speech generated audio content is across three separate lines.   

Josh – a Marketplace AI Voice that specializes in Characters and Gaming.

AI Voices That Scale Your Content

Through the sheer voice options alone, activating Resemble’s marketplace of AI voices can clearly amplify your ability to create content at scale. All while maintaining superior voice quality with our 48khz sample rate. From diverse voices to delivering high-quality, and consistent voice overs, our AI voices have the power to transform your projects into immersive experiences. Embracing voice technology with Resemble’s marketplace of AI voices, opens new possibilities for your business or application. Find an AI voice for any project by exploring the marketplace here. Looking to move quickly? Click the button below to schedule time to speak with a team member.

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