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How to create a successful personalized messaging campaign with Rephrase AI and Resemble AI

Oct 25, 2021

Rephrase AI is a generative AI technology company that automates synthetic video creation. They have built a tool which can take any piece of text and create a video of any person speaking that text. This can be used by HR to create training videos, personalizing videos for sales, making characters speak in AR/ VR, giving a face to digital assistants, A/B testing digital ads to increase marketing ROI amongst other applications.

We’ve had the pleasure of working and collaborating with Rephrase on multiple projects. Most recently, that included working on a promotional campaign for a large multinational confectionary company.  This campaign was designed as a way to get customized messages sent to a loved one from a notable Bollywood celebrity, for the Raksha Bandhan/Rakhi festivity in India.

An interesting challenge with this particular campaign was that the voice data received by Resemble was not based on a script that the actor recorded specifically for this project. However, once we got the voice data from the celebrity, we got to work on training and and creating an AI model of the voice. This overall process was completed within a few quick days of work.

“Resemble AI’s support on our projects is great. They are very responsive and make sure that our time sensitive projects are successful and without a hitch” – Ashray Malhotra, CEO Rephrase AI

With the use of Resemble AI’s voice technology, specifically Resemble Fill, we were able to customize the name output in the video greeting to provide a personalized experience for each person who requested a message. What was notable about this project is also our multilingual support for Hindi and English to get the names sounding just right. Our low latency API was also used to support the large scale of video message requests and provide quick outputs.

Rephrase AI also did a phenomenal job at matching the actors lip movements with each name using their generative AI to make it ultra-realistic.

Here’s a quick demo of the output from that campaign as a message sent to our very own co-founder, Saqib.

If the number of videos requested were any indication, it’s clear that customized messages were key in creating a viral marketing campaign for the company.

“We used Resemble Fill to personalize a celebrity’s voice with our videos and we were quite happy with how easy it was to clone and integrate Resemble AI in our pipeline. We’re using it for a lot of similar requests we’ve been getting based on the campaign’s success!” – Shivam Mangla, Co-Founder Rephrase AI

Customized messages can also be used in lead generation and for sales personnel as discussed in Rephrase AI and Resemble AI’s collaborative webinar.

If you are interested in providing a custom experience using Resemble AI’s voice technology, reach out and book a demo with us here.

Watch the campaign promotion video here:

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