Iterable, Dynamic, and Unique Customized Voices.

Create high-quality custom AI voices to use for your next project. At Resemble AI, find out more about AI Voice Technology and our advanced low-latency API and support for braodcast quality audio 44kHz.

Voice Cloning

We can clone any voice and create dynamic, iterable, and unique voice content that can be consumed via Web or API.

AI Assistants
Personalized Voices for AI Assitant apps such as Alexa and Google Home.
Voice Overs for animation films. Iterate quickly for post-production script changes.
Marketing Agencies
Unique customized voices for marketing content.

Fictitious Voices

Resemble can create fictitious voices based on a profile. Clients can focus on creating the content and use Resemble to give their content a fictitious voice with emotions and intonations that are unique to their brand.

Gaming Studios
Fictitious customized voices based on a game character’s profile. Iterate quickly throughout the game development process. 
Digital Characters
Give your digital characters personalized fictitious voices that fits their personality.


With the rise in Deepfakes, we understand that there are people with wrong intentions that would be looking to abuse fake audio. With the help of machine learning, we aim to work with companies and individuals to detect and stop the use of fake audio for malicious purposes.

Work with celeberities to flag any fake audio content being used without their consent. 
Stop the spread of fake news by flagging fake audio generated in a politician’s voice.