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NFT Avatars and Voice AI with Alethea AI and Resemble AI

Aug 24, 2021

One of the current emerging technologies, the blockchain, has been making tremendous waves in the collector community for their novel use case as NFTs. You may wonder, what are NFTs? NFTs or Non-fungible tokens are a store of data on a digital ledger, the blockchain. Each entry on this ledger is unique and acts as a signature of sorts to verify its authenticity. By nature, NFTs are not interchangeable and are unique to the data they were created from. This data can take many forms, often being used for visual artwork, even including gifs and tweets. One of the more interesting applications of NFTs are as iNFTs or intelligent NFTs. Alethea AI, a collaborator of Resemble AI, recently created and auctioned the world’s first intelligent NFT, through a bidding war at Sotheby’s. This iNFT, named Alice, sold for a ground breaking $478,800!
Alethea AI's auction of Alice through Sotheby's
In order to create Alice, Alethea AI used some of our favourite advances in AI that we also use in-house at Resemble AI such as GPT-3 integration and custom AI voices. These technologies allows the audience to converse live with the NFT and receive answers to indefinite thought provoking questions. Every conversion with this iNFT continues to refine the AI and alters how it will respond back. This poses an interesting layer to future memorabilia and collectibles. Imagine the possibility for comic books. Instead of just being a collector of the first edition of those comics, you could potentially own an exclusive collection of one of the characters in the book! Not only that, but this collectible could allow you to converse and communicate with the exact persona of the comic book character. A talking persona that’s developed with prompts and adapts with ongoing conversation.
Holly Herndon NFT Voice
A more recent and innovative use of NFTs was showcased by musician Holly Herndon. Holly used voice cloning technology to create a digital version of herself that fans could use to generate original sound clips. Other celebrities could do the same, by creating a clone of their voice and generating their most iconic dialogues as a collectible NFT. With Resemble AI’s voices and our AI integrations, like with GPT-3, there’s no limit to what’s possible. If you’re interested in generating or using AI voices (for NFT use or otherwise), schedule a demo with us here.

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