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Introducing Real-Time Deepfake Detection for Google Meet: Ensuring Authenticity in Video Conferences

Apr 9, 2024

We’re excited to announce the launch of Resemble Detect for Google Meet.

Resemble Detect for Google Meet provides users with real-time deepfake detection to safeguard the integrity of conversations and enhance confidence in the authenticity of every voice in your videos.

This new integration is powered by our cutting edge AI technology known for its advanced neural model designed to identify deepfake audio in real-time, and rigorously trained to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit audio with exceptional precision. 

Why Use Resemble Detect For Google Meet

Over the past few months, we have seen a rise in the use of AI in creating voice clones for scams from the CFO scam in Hong Kong to deepfake ads to trick consumers and many more. The technology behind voice cloning has advanced to the point where it is becoming harder for humans to determine what is real or fake. With so many businesses, educators and individuals alike leveraging video conferencing as an essential tool, we needed to make sure the authenticity of these virtual interactions to avoid any risks.

The rollout of this integration is another step to protect consumers by leveraging our advanced knowledge and deep generative AI expertise to ensure integrity of conversations and address AI fraud and safety concerns.

Dashboard for Google Meet

How it works

Once enabled, the new Resemble AI deepfake detection integration will auto-join your Google Meet and automatically capture the conversation in real-time. The audio will immediately be fed into our comprehensive Deepfake Detection Dashboard that will instantly alert you if the audio you are hearing is  fake – allowing you to instantly take action.

By integrating into Google Meet, we are making our Detect solution available on a platform that people are already familiar with and use, providing them with a seamless detection experience that can give them a piece of mind they are protected and easing AI fraud concerns.

With Resemble Detect for Google Meet, users will have access to key features like: 

  • AI Assistant: With our seamless AI integration, the AI assistant joins your Google Meet calls without disruption, working silently in the background to analyze each speaker’s voice.
  • Real-Time Voice Analysis: Using advanced deep learning techniques, Resemble Detect scrutinizes every voice in real-time, constantly monitoring for any signs of deepfake activity.
  • Instant Deepfake Alerts: If a deepfake is detected, the meeting host is immediately notified, allowing for swift action to maintain the security and authenticity of the conversation
Invite the AI Assistant to your Google Meet

To get started with the new Real-Time Deepfake Detection integration for Google Meet you can schedule a demo here. We expect to make this technology available onto other meeting platforms in the near future.

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