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How to use AI voices as a voice actor?

With the recent progress in AI technology, voice actors now have the option to utilize AI tools to enhance their efficiency, create additional income opportunities, and simplify the process of applying for jobs.

Even though voice acting is a gratifying and creative profession, it can sometimes become monotonous. Dealing with heavy workloads, narration exhaustion, and physical symptoms such as hoarseness can make voice acting less appealing than it appears.

However, could all this change because of the development of AI-based voiceover tools?

Possibly not entirely. Voice cloning might provide significant advantages to voice actors by helping reduce stress, introducing new methods for increasing productivity, and generating extra income opportunities.

This article will explore how you can rely on AI tools to assist you in your career as a voice actor, streamline your workflow, and potentially earn passive income. If this piques your interest, continue reading to learn more. But first, to better understand, let’s take a step back and go back a little to the basics.

What is a voice actor?

A voice actor is a professional performer who uses their voice to bring characters to life in various forms of media. This includes performing voices for animated movies and television shows, providing narration for audiobooks and documentaries, voicing characters in video games, and recording voice-overs for commercials and radio spots.

If you are watching foreign TV shows, you most likely have heard a few voice actors perform when they dubbed voices. Voice actors are skilled at manipulating their voices to fit the personality, emotion, and context of the character or situation they portray. They must be able to convey the required feelings and nuances without relying on visual expressions, making their vocal abilities and acting skills crucial to their profession.

Challenges as a voice actor

Being a voice actor comes with its own set of challenges. For instance:

  • Vocal Strain: Prolonged vocal use can lead to strain and fatigue, potentially causing hoarseness or a loss of vocal range.
  • Lack of Variety: Voicing similar characters or repeating the same lines can become monotonous and creatively stifling over time.
  • Scheduling Conflicts: Voice actors too often have to juggle multiple projects simultaneously. This dilemma can be logistically challenging to coordinate.
  • Limited Income Streams: Traditional voice acting work, such as audiobook narration as well as video game character voiceovers, may not provide a sustainable income on their own.
  • Technological Adaptation: The continually evolving media and audio production landscape can require voice actors to adapt to new software, equipment, and techniques.

While some voice actors take pride in their unique talent and abilities, it is inevitable that they encounter some challenges along the way. It can be a simple vocal strain due to prolonged vocal use, lack of variety, vocal monotony or, worse, permanent voice damage due to overexertion. This is where AI voice technology can come in handy.

How can AI be leveraged as a voice actor?

You are a voice actor for one primary reason— your voice. While it is only reasonable for one to take pride in their vocal abilities, protecting as well as preserving your most valuable asset is also equally important. One way to achieve this is by using AI voice technology.

Using AI-powered voice cloning tools, like Resemble AI, can help voice actors in several ways:

Practical steps to implement AI voice technology:

  1. Choose the Right AI Tool: Tools like Resemble AI can give you much flexibility. You may choose to record your own voice or enhance it. It’s very user-friendly since it is cloud-based and can operate via your preferred browser.
  2. Training Your AI Model: Invest time in training the AI model with your voice. That is why using your voice is highly recommended, as is using the Professional Voice Clone option rather than Rapid Voice Cloning. (As seen below) the more data (voice recordings) you provide, the better the AI can replicate your unique sound. Ensure the recordings are high quality and cover your various tones and styles.
    Resemble Voice Cloning
  3. Testing and Iteration: Continuously test the AI-generated voice and adjust as needed. Furthermore, this iterative process ensures that the cloned voice closely matches your natural voice and meets your standards. Try using different voices. You can opt for the text-to-speech feature or the speech-to-speech feature for real-time conversion. These features allow you to use a voice from a wide range of AI-generated voices in Resemble AI’s Marketplace.
    Multiple Voices - Resemble Voice Cloning
  4. Integrate with Your Workflow: Find ways to incorporate AI into your existing workflow seamlessly. This might include using AI for first drafts, background voices, or specific roles that require less emotional nuance. Resemble AI can be integrated into your app via API if you have live voice-over gigs. Pretty cool, huh? If you want to know how to do it, you can click here.
  5. Stay updated: AI technology is rapidly evolving. There is always something new or something better. Stay updated on the latest developments and updates in AI voice tools to leverage new features and improvements.

The progress of AI voice technology has created fresh opportunities for voice actors. Maybe it is to enhance their effectiveness, safeguard their vocal well-being, and broaden their sources of income. Voice actors can use AI voice cloning tools to address challenges. To add to that, you can save yourself from vocal strain, role monotony, scheduling conflicts, and limited earnings.

Moreover, incorporating AI into your work process enables you to boost your efficiency as well as your ingenuity. Do all this while keeping up with the latest advancements in AI voice technology.

If you are new to the industry or trying new things, explore cool features by signing up for a demo.

It’s time to work smarter.

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