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How to Design the Perfect Audio Ads (with Examples)

May 2, 2021

The rise of audio content in the last year has been tremendous, from short form audio content, to podcasts and even social audio, there isn’t a better time to create and craft new content for a medium that is seeing rapid growth, especially in the audio ads space.

As you build your audio content or strategy, you’ll need to understand how you’ll monetize — as both the creator of the content, and as the advertiser or sponsor. Traditionally, audio ads have been relatively static. The advertiser pays a flat fee per episode based on the estimated number of listeners, and then provides a static audio file to play at the start, middle, or end of the show. Some podcasters, like their YouTube counterparts, have discovered that offering the ad copy in the podcasters voice creates unprecedented levels of engagement.

On Spotify, 81% report that they have taken an action after hearing a podcast ad, and 41% of listeners say they trust ads more if they hear them during a podcast. In Q1 2020, Spotify reported that ad-supported users generated $161 Million and there are 199+ million ad-supported listeners worldwide.

Unlike ads that are served through video or text, where the audience can be targeted and the ad can be made relevant (either by content or time), audio advertising is still largely static. This makes it difficult to design for a format that will live in the content forever. This means no promotions, and difficulty in designing advertising copy that will be customized for different demographics.


Dynamic Audio Ads

Spotify’s Ad Studio is one answer to serve dynamic ad content to your listeners. Spotify’s Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI) technology enables content creators to insert ads dynamically depending on insights like age, gender, device, and listening behaviour.

Now, that you’re convinced of how important dynamic audio ads are, let’s talk about how Resemble AI can help you design the perfect ad, without spending days or weeks, and be able to proactively modify the ad depending on your target audience.

Once you’ve brought your voice on our platform (it just takes minutes!), then it’s about crafting the perfect ad copy. This is where the real magic happens. Designing audio ads using Resemble Fill makes it easy to combine the naturalness of human recordings with the power of synthetic audio.

Audio Ads Examples

Here’s an example of an ad that we’d like to modify:

Hello and welcome to Claire’s, where we increase your beauty one brush stroke at a time.

Let’s play around with two variables in that spot: Claire’s, and we. With variable’s and Resemble Fill, we can manipulate the audio and swap in different permutations seamlessly. Let’s hear how this sounds if we’re running this ad for Jessica’s, and we want to change some copy to reflect our value’s more.

Hello and welcome to Jessica’s, where our goal is to increase your beauty one brush stroke at a time.

Let’s take another example. Let’s tell our listeners to visit our website. Here’s the original ad read:

To learn more about our products and services, visit our website at w w w dot Claire’s dot com.

Now imagine, we want to tell our listeners to visit a domain that is more local. Perhaps a local Claire’s in New Jersey.

To learn more about our products and services, visit our website at w w w dot New Jersey Claire’s dot com.

You’ll notice the inflection and the style of speech remains the same throughout the different audio iterations, but you can seamlessly create hundreds or thousands of copies for your audio ads in minutes.

Using our editor, you can make the tweaks you need to make sure that the audio sounds just right, and export it in the right format. You can even create all of the permutations at once with templates and variables.

With dynamic programmatic audio advertisement, advertisers can generate hundreds of permutations and create distinctive personalized ads that yield high engagement. You can create targeted location audio ads, or even change the ad for different holidays/events. The possibilities are in fact endless with Resemble AI’s speech synthesis for dynamic audio ads.

If you need help in creating your audio ad, or to serve them to your audience, come talk to us!

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