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How to create a viral AI Generated Advertisement

We’re diving into the exciting world of AI generated advertisements, exploring pioneering developments and the role of groundbreaking technologies like DALL-E 3 and Stable Diffusion, alongside our innovations at Resemble AI.

The AI Revolution in Beer Advertising

In the ever-evolving field of advertising, AI-generated content represents a significant leap forward. A prime example is “Synthetic Summer,” an AI-generated beer commercial. Created by Helen Power and Chris Boyle of, this ad has captured the imagination of audiences with its surreal creativity, offering a glimpse into the potential of AI in advertising.



“Synthetic Summer” – Viral AI Generated Advertisement

“Synthetic Summer”: A Surreal Showcase

Through the AI-generated advertisement “Synthetic Summer,” an unusual American backyard barbecue scene comes to life. In this visually striking, surreal setting, we see simulacra of people partying. Women laugh with exaggerated expressions, beer glasses morph into cans, and grills transform into fire tornadoes. Set to the tune of Smash Mouth’s “All Star,” this commercial exemplifies how AI can create compelling, otherworldly advertising experiences.

The Contributions of DALL-E 3 and Stable Diffusion

Reshaping the visual aspects of advertising are DALL-E 3 and Stable Diffusion. These powerful AI tools generate highly realistic or fantastically surreal images from textual prompts. Consequently, they enhance the creativity and visual storytelling of advertisements.

Resemble AI: Adding Voice to the Vision

At Resemble AI, our focus is on enhancing the auditory dimension of AI-generated content. Our technology provides hyper-realistic, customizable voices, breathing life into any script. When combined with visual AI tools like DALL-E 3 and Stable Diffusion, our voice technology allows for a complete and immersive creative process in beer commercials.

How to make a viral AI generated Advertisement?

The “Synthetic Summer” commercial, a standout example of AI-generated content in advertising, represents a fascinating blend of creativity and technology. Here’s how it was made:

    1. Creative Conceptualization: Helen Power and Chris Boyle of the London-based production company,, developed the idea for “Synthetic Summer.” Their vision was to create a surreal, almost otherworldly take on an American backyard barbecue.
    2. Utilizing AI Technology: Although the specific details of the technology used have not been publicly disclosed, it appears that the creators likely employed an advanced AI tool similar to Runway’s Gen-2 AI model. This type of AI is capable of generating short video clips based on written prompts, much like how other AI tools, such as Stable Diffusion, can create still images from textual descriptions.
    3. Generating Visuals: The AI took written prompts from the creators and translated them into the visual elements seen in the commercial. This involved interpreting the text and rendering images and sequences that matched the descriptions. In “Synthetic Summer,” for example, the AI visualized scenes of a barbecue, aligning with the creators’ surrealistic vision.
    4. Post-Production Enhancements: After generating the initial visuals, the creators fine-tuned them. This involved editing for coherence, enhancing colors and textures, and adding visual effects to amplify the surrealistic atmosphere.
    5. Audio Integration: Setting the commercial to a raucous crowd backing track and Smash Mouth’s “All Star” was crucial. Integrating music and sound effects significantly contributed to the surreal, lively atmosphere of the ad.
    6. Final Touches: The final stage would involve compiling all the elements – the AI-generated visuals, edited enhancements, and audio tracks – into the 30-second commercial format, ensuring that the final product is polished, cohesive, and effectively conveys the intended surreal and engaging experience.

The Impact of Voice AI in Advertising

Voice AI is transforming how emotions are conveyed in ads. It simulates a wide range of human emotions and intonations, infusing ads with the exact emotional tone needed to resonate with the target audience. Whether it’s excitement, calmness, or humor, Voice AI ensures that the emotional undercurrent of the message is precisely right.

Moreover, maintaining a consistent brand voice across various campaigns is crucial for brand recognition and recall. Voice AI enables the creation of a unique, consistent voice, becoming synonymous with the brand and ensuring a uniform brand experience across all touchpoints.

In terms of scalability and efficiency, creating voiceovers for ads traditionally requires significant time and resources. Voice AI streamlines this process, allowing for the rapid production of high-quality voice content. This is particularly beneficial for large campaigns or those requiring quick turnaround times.

Resemble Localize: A Game-Changer in Global Advertising

Resemble AI’s Localize feature takes the capabilities of Voice AI a step further by addressing one of the most significant challenges in global advertising – localization.

    1. Seamless Language Adaptation: Resemble Localize can adapt a single piece of voice content into multiple languages and dialects. This allows for the creation of culturally resonant and linguistically accurate ads for different regions, all from a single source file.
    2. Cultural Nuance and Authenticity: Beyond mere translation, Resemble Localize ensures that the voiceovers carry the cultural nuances and local flavors of the target region. This authenticity fosters a deeper connection with local audiences, making the ads more effective and relatable.
    3. Personalization at Scale: With the ability to quickly generate voiceovers in multiple languages, Resemble Localize enables brands to create personalized experiences for diverse audience segments. This level of personalization is key in today’s market, where consumers expect content that speaks directly to them.
    4. Efficiency in Content Creation: For multinational campaigns, Resemble Localize significantly reduces the time and resources needed to create different versions of the same ad. This efficiency not only saves costs but also allows brands to have a more agile and responsive marketing strategy.

The “Synthetic Summer” commercial exemplifies the incredible potential of AI-generated beer commercials. At Resemble AI, we’re excited to be at the forefront of this innovative wave, offering technologies that empower brands to create not just advertisements, but experiences. The combination of visual AI tools with our advanced voice technology heralds a new age in advertising, filled with boundless creative possibilities and opportunities for deeper audience connection.

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