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How KomBea uses Text to Speech with AI Voices to Increase Productivity in Call Centers

May 7, 2020

Even with the massive surge of chatbots, and text-based support centers, customers often prefer phone support when reaching out to customer service. The familiarity and the availability that voices create build a sense of trust between the customer and the agent.

Lowering the amount of wait time, and correctly directing the call has always been an important part of building a good customer support pipeline. Historically, call centers have recorded static messages, guiding their customers to a particular individual that can help them. Often, after jumping through the many hoops of the automated pipeline, you’ll hit a waiting line. This is where scale matters, and the only way to scale traditionally for call centers had been to staff more agents.

This is where KomBea comes in. KomBea contact center solutions enable call centers to achieve 100% compliance while increasing agent productivity and improving the customer experience.

KomBea’s fine balance of automation and human touch is the key to keeping engagements positive. By enabling agents to deliver the right message at the right time, KomBea ensures that the throughput of calls is high and therefore increases the sales performance.

“KomBea uses synthetic voice to expand the ability of some of its products that deliver recorded messages to customers over the phone,” says Nathan Bezzant, Senior Process Engineer at KomBea. “Resemble has allowed KomBea to reduce the amount of time a voice must spend in the recording studio and expanded the number of dynamic interactions available in our process flows. We have been most impressed with Resemble’s ability to create high quality voice clone messages to match our live voice recordings.”

AI generated voices from Resemble become indistinguishable from real human beings. Most importantly, the flexibility of generating speech content with various intonation patterns ensures that the message is being delivered as effectively as possible.

Through Resemble’s API, customers can create thousands of speech clips — all in real time. Learn more about our API at https://docs.app.resemble.ai/.

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