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What are End Tags and Bumpers and how can you use them for Programmatic Advertising?

Your business depends on advertising to get the word out about your products and services. Resemble AI can help you personalize and upscale your ads with our dynamic voices. Ads with a personal human touch can help you grow your community of clients. Implementing a targeted marketing strategy can help boost visibility and build your loyal customer base. If you’re serving a broad group of clients spanning multiple geographical locations, customized ads will be the key to reach each and every customer on an individual level.

End Tags, Bumpers, What Are They?


An end tag (or bumper) generally plays at the very end of a broadcast spot or ad. The short length of bumpers makes them uniquely effective at holding audience attention. Bumpers remind the audience who you are and what you do. These last few seconds (5 to 10) are crucial since it is the last thing your audience takes away from the ad; they will remember a strong bumper. This is also where you have the chance to personalize your ad for each and every neighbourhood you serve. The best end tags reach your entire audience, affirm your brand, and leave your clients with your message in mind. The buildup of your ad is tied in a bow with a strong end tag.

How Can Resemble Help?


Resemble’s product “Resemble Fill” can help you create end tags for your ads to highlight your best qualities to your global audiences. Resemble fill allows you to pick one of our high-quality AI voices and generate content for your ads that plays at the end of a spot you already have. Additionally, Fill gives you the ability to generate dynamic personalized content at scale. You can take an existing end tag and replace words (like variables in code) to create new content in the blink of an eye. Imagine creating multiple versions of bumpers for each neighbourhood you serve all at once by replacing relevant variables like city, state, day, and more. Read on for examples.

You can create dynamic bumpers with Resemble Fill in two ways: A voice talent can record a generic bumper and their cloned AI voice would fill in shifting variables (while their original recording would take care of the rest) giving the end tag a nice flow and blend of human and AI tech. Alternatively, our human sounding AI voices can perform iterations of your scalable personalized bumpers.

Call To Action:


Consider including a call to action in your end tags. Prompting your audience to take action in the last few seconds of an ad or promo can bring you more clients. Construct your end tag as a powerful call to action. What’s the one thing you want your audience to do after hearing your spot? Do you want them to visit your website or store, call to learn more, or take part in a near-by deal happening for a limited time?

Try These on For Size:


• General end tag: “Visit your local Cadillac dealership today.”

• Personalized end tag 1: “Visit your local Toronto Cadillac dealership today.”

• Personalized end tag 2: “Call your local Toronto Honda dealership today.”

End Tag Tips:


• Name the community you are targeting.
• Highlight one unique feature.
• Highlight one use for a product line.
• Answer one customer question.
• Feature one common pain point.
• Tease one new product.

Personalize End Tags with These Strategies:


• Understand what your customers need based on targeted brand research across the map.
• Personalize your brand in a way that speaks to your customers.
• Utilize Local Testimonials and use cases (with appropriate colloquialisms)
• Target your customers by zip code.
• Focus on commonalities local services currently offer and encourage local customer service.
• Use iconic landmarks in advertising like the Golden Gate Bridge.
• Insert the names of near-by towns in your existing copy.
• Use Resemble’s tech (Resemble Fill) to insert personalized copy into your static ad scripts.
• Use dynamic creative to list your nearest location to the neighbourhoods you are targeting.
• Create free virtual conferences and discuss the time/date they will take place in your spots.

Now that you have the tools you need to get started with end tags, try our realistic AI voices with Resemble Fill to create content at scale. Book a demo with us to learn more and experience your own customized demo of this cutting-edge technology at work. Bring your copy and we’ll apply our voices to give life to your well-crafted messaging. Grow your audience with Resemble AI.

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