⚡️ Introducing Rapid Voice Cloning


AI App: Character.AI

Create more immersive group chats by building custom AI Companions that are powered by AI voice supported with 44kHz sample rate and low latency APIs.

Key Takeaways of Character.Ai

Conversational AI: Users can have natural sounding conversations with Character AI bots ranging from celebrity AI bots to Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Super Mario from Super Mario Brothers, Elon Musk, and more. 

Custom Characters: Anyone can build their own AI character with a unique personality, backstory, avatar, and more.

Collective Learning: As more users chat with AI chat bots, the AI models improve through community feedback and training or machine learning.

Multilayered Dialogue: AI characters can participate in group chats, interacting with humans and each other.

  • Add up to 5 characters and 5 human participants in a single group chat
  • Browse and select from thousands of public characters
  • Share invite links for human participants to join your group chat
  • Interact through roleplay, games, discussions, and more
  • Include group chat names, and review chat history

Responsible AI: Strict content filtering and community moderation aim to maximize beneficial conversations.

Character.AI Pros

  • Character.AI offers an engaging way to explore different perspectives through AI personas
  • The chat platform allows for limitless creativity in designing custom AI companions.
  • User experience improves dynamically through scale, feedback, and transparency.
  • Group chats enable collaborative storytelling with AI involvement and unique group chat names.
  • Filters block inappropriate content and behavior to ensure AI safety is prioritized.

Character.AI Cons

  • AI chat bot hallucinations and factual inaccuracies are common in chatrooms.
  • AI characters often deviate from source material.
  • There are concerns around data privacy and content moderation at scale.
  • The AI powered chatrooms open the door for misinformation without oversight.



Character.AI  and Resemble AI Integration

Build Custom Companions AI Character AI and Resemble AI Integration

While Character AI is currently focused on text, integrating Resemble AI’s leading voice cloning, multilingual AI voice localization, and text to speech conversion could significantly augment the user experience on Character AI. Voice AI adds a layer of customization when building AI companions that create a more immersive interaction.

Integration Benefits

  • Realistic Voice Cloning: Resemble AI’s voice cloning creates natural, human-like voices.
  • Character Building: Character AI can seamlessly and securely integrate AI voices into AI companions.
  • Localized Voices: Resemble AI voices are able to be localized in up to 100 multilingual languages including regional accents.
  • Personalized Experiences: Highly personalized and localized voice interactions are possible across group chats and chat rooms.
  • Deepfake Detection: Resemble’s AI security stack consisting of PerTh, neural speech AI watermarking, and Resemble Detect’s deepfake detection model could help secure Character AI against misuse of cloned voices and audio deepfakes.

Personalized AI Companions

Resemble AI’s voice technology could allow Character AI users to design custom, human sounding AI characters and AI companions. With explicit consent, voice cloning could replicate the voices of celebrities with high accuracy, bringing characters to life.

For additional character customization, users could record samples of their own voice. Resemble AI’s advanced voice cloning trains AI models to capture vocal nuances, dialects, accents, and more to craft realistic AI voices.

This could transform the experience of roleplaying and creative writing through deep immersion in vocal conversations with AI personas. It opens up new means of interactive storytelling and community engagement.