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AI Generated Audiobooks

Create AI Audiobooks with Resemble AI’s Audiobook Narrator Voices or your own Custom AI Voice.

Unlock millions of unheard books with Resemble AI’s digital narration technology

With Resemble AI’s digital narration technology, millions of books that were previously unheard can now be easily converted into audiobooks. Independent authors and small publishers who previously couldn’t afford the cost and complexity of audiobook production can now make their books available to the growing audience of audiobook listeners.

Efficient, yet high quality

We understand that for many independent authors and small publishers, the cost and complexity of audiobook production can be a barrier to entry. Our goal is to make audiobook production more accessible to all, and to help you meet the growing demand for audiobooks.

We work closely with authors and publishers to ensure that the final product is true to the original work and does justice to the author’s voice. With a wide range of digital voices optimized for different genres, you can trust that your audiobook will sound just as you imagined it.

Use Cases and Examples

Game Dialogue

Create dynamic dialogue for your game characters without compromising on delivery and performance.


Create thousands of personalized audio ads within seconds. Personalize ads based on names, locations, addresses, and more.

Film Dialogue

Documentary? Narration? Voice Overs? ADR? Craft each line in seconds with all of the nuances of human speech.