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Discover the power of AI Voices in gaming. Create immersive narratives and dialogue with rapid voiceover production and studio-grade quality. 

Your all in one Generative Speech Toolkit to build your game.

Swiftly create immersive narratives and dialogue with our industry-leading rapid voiceover production capabilities. Resemble enables you to meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality.

Studio-Grade Voice Cloning

Do you already have saved audio files? Upload your voice data to begin building your voice clone.

White Glove Service

Don’t wait weeks for a high quality voice clone! A dedicated team will help you take advantage of the most advanced AI voice cloning model to clone your voice within days.

Low Latency API

Don’t let speech synthesis slow you down. Our seamless direct sync and streaming APIs allow you to scale voice AI content at a rapid pace.

Batch Creation & Collaboration

Seamlessly manage and produce extensive voice assets for large-scale gaming projects. Facilitate collaborative efforts with ease through our batch creation features.

Interactive Storytelling

With our low-latency APIs, personalization has never been easier. Take gaming narratives to the next level by incorporating interactive storytelling elements.

Ultra-Fast APIs

Stream real-time voiceovers in your game with our streaming APIs for content delivered faster than 300ms.

Why build your Game with Generative AI?

Dynamic Gameplay

Dynamic gameplay in gaming has always been a cornerstone of immersive and engaging experiences. With Resemble AI, this dynamic nature is taken to new heights, enhancing not only the realism but also the interactivity of gaming experiences.

Generative speech technology allows for real-time voice modulation and generation, which means that game characters can now have more diverse and realistic dialogues.

Increase Revenue

The integration of generative voices in gaming is not only a technological advancement but also a strategic move to increase revenue streams. A survey indicates that 81% of gamers are willing to pay more for games featuring AI-generated Non-Playable Characters (NPCs), highlighting the significant market potential for games that adopt this technology.

The ability to use generative voice technology for audio dubbing into different languages opens up global market opportunities. By offering games that are linguistically accessible to a broader audience, developers can tap into new demographics and regions, significantly expanding their user base.

Drive Player Engagement

Generative voices bring unparalleled realism to Non-Playable Characters (NPCs). Unlike traditional static voice lines, generative voice technology allows NPCs to have fluid and varied dialogues, reacting in real-time to the player's actions and choices. This level of interaction makes the gaming environment feel more alive and responsive, fostering a deeper connection between the player and the game world. When players feel that their actions have a tangible impact on their surroundings, it significantly boosts their engagement and investment in the game.

Resemble also enables personalized experiences. Generative voices can adapt not just in terms of content, but also in tone and emotion, based on the player’s style and progression in the game. This personal touch makes each gaming experience unique, encouraging players to explore different pathways and strategies, thereby increasing replay value.

Take control of Generative AI and become the Director.

We know how difficult and frustrating Generative AI can be. That’s why Resemble’s goal is to enable every user to control the output of speech through Voice Styles and Speech-to-Speech. Every nuance of speech is captured and rendered at 48khz.

Resemble's Speech-to-Speech Creator

Resemble AI has revolutionized the way we create voiceovers for our games.

AAA Studio Head

Text to Speech Characters that are production ready.

Get started with our ultra-fast generative speech API to create content in realtime. Client SDKs available in Python and Javascript.

from resemble import Resemble

text = "Let's generate some text!"
response = Resemble.v2.clips.create_sync(

audio_url = response['audio_src']

LLMs speak more than one language, and so does your AI Voice.

Localize your custom AI voice or localize our out-of-the-box marketplace voices in up to 100 other languages.

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