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Resemble Localize: AI Voices With Multilingual Accents

Aug 31, 2023

In the oft-evolving world of artificial intelligence, at Resemble AI we continuously push the boundaries of AI voice technology. A dynamic feature of Resemble Localize is the seamless integration of accents into English AI voices. The addition of accents to Localize’s primary feature of localizing AI voices into up to 62 languages provides comprehensive AI voice generator localization support. This innovation expands the creative possibilities for content creation across a multitude of industries; entertainment, marketing, call centers, language service providers, and more. This blog post delves into the power of Resemble Localize, emphasizing French accents, Spanish accents, and Hindi accents while exploring the diverse use cases of accented AI voices.

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Unlock AI Voices With Multilingual Accents 

Resemble Localize’s introduction of multilingual accents to English AI voices provides an authentic and engaging dimension to content. Whether you’re looking to add regional personalization to your Podcast or engaging a customer authentically with a call center queue, AI voices with multilingual accents allow you to connect with your target audience. Let’s listen to how this feature performs with accents from various languages along with sample use cases in different industries. 

French Accent
Ranked as the third romance language based on total native speakers, French is one of the most unique accents in the world. Our AI voice generator, removes the need to learn how to do a French accent. With the Resemble Voice Marketplace content creators can activate pre-built AI voices and simply add an alluring French accent. The French accent imparts sophistication and elegance that has the potential to resonate with audiences. Resemble Localize empowers the language learning  process whether it’s through audiobooks or apps, AI-driven language learning tutorials can be created within minutes. Below is an example of applying a French accent to a Resemble Marketplace Voice using text-to-speech synthesis.

French accent generated with text-to-speech but also available with speech-to-speech synthesis.   

British Accent

Just across the English Channel, the British accent infuses characters with depth and charm. From Judy Dench to Idris Elba, the accent carries an air of authority and sophistication. Brands can use it to craft compelling messages that resonate with audiences seeking elegance and refinement. Specifically, call centers can implement a British accent to offer a warm and professional tone to enhance customer interactions and build trust. Resemble Localize paves the way for these impactful applications by seamlessly integrating the British accent into AI voices. The audio below is the marketplace voice of Deanna localized. 

Adding a British accent to an American-English AI voice can be generated through both TTS & STS.   

Hindi Accent
Trekking across the world to India, where nearly 1.5 billion people have a distinctly rich Hindi accent. Resemble Localize brings the cultural richness of the Hindi accent to our AI voices. Synthetic voice can be ideal for virtual tour guides, language tutorials, film dubbing, and other localized content for the Indian market. The Hindi accent fosters personalized and relatable user journeys. In the case of Warner Bros smashing hit, Barbie, localizing the English with an Indian accent is one way to make Margot Robbie more relatable to someone across the globe. Another use case where personalization may bring customer satisfaction is in the customer support realm. With global travel at all time highs, enhancing the airline call center experience for a native Hindi speaker is another way to accommodate linguistic preferences and build long-term relationships. Below are voice samples to compare the original English to the Hindi accent applied voice.

The audio samples above reflect the before (left) and after (right) of adding the Hindi accent to your AI voice.

Spanish Accent (Mexico)

Spanish is the official language of 20 countries spanning from Europe to the Americas. Naturally, each country has its own unique Spanish accent. The Mexican accent is very distinct when compared to many other Spanish accents. The rhythm of the accent is key to recognizing its North American roots. According to Pew Research, Mexican-Americans make up 60% of the Hispanic population in the US. Resemble Localize captures the vibrancy of the Mexican style of Spanish by infusing Mexican accents into our AI voices. This enables brands to craft compelling audio ads with Mexican accents that will resonate with this target audience. Whether it’s for interactive social media marketing or regional advertising campaigns targeted to a Mexican audience, Resemble’s AI voice generator has the ability to bridge the cultural gap. Let’s listen to another one of our marketplace voices before and after the Mexican accent is applied. 

Mexican accent is generated with text-to-speech but is also available with speech-to-speech synthesis.   

Transcending Borders with Resemble Localize

Resemble AI’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI voice technology is evident through innovations like Resemble Localize. The integration of multilingual accents into English AI voices opens new doors for authentic and engaging content creation across diverse industries. From the allure of French sophistication to the vibrancy of Mexican Spanish, and the relatability of the Hindi accent, these additions provide creators with a powerful localization toolkit. Whether for entertainment, marketing, call centers, or language services, Resemble Localize’s accented AI voices facilitate personalized connections with audiences around the world. Explore the limitless possibilities and bridge cultural gaps with Resemble AI’s groundbreaking technology. Begin building voices with Localize by clicking the button below and keep an eye out on a follow-up article that will walkthrough the features of Resemble Localize. 

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