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Enhance Your NPCs Quality of Life Through Generative Voice AI

Mar 22, 2023

The hype around NPCs (non-playable characters) is real! Most of us grew up in a world of NPCs with boilerplate responses and limited interactivity. Thanks to Generative AI these background actors are being transformed into interactive supporting cast members. Per Pocket Gamer*, inWorld AI recently conducted a survey of 1,000+ US gamers aged 16 to 50 and found that 99% of respondents were excited about the prospect of generative AI being used to enhance NPCs. With generative AI voice, natural language processing, and machine learning, we’re departing from the world of NPCs with pre-programmed responses to one that has more realistic responsiveness. Improved interactivity with NPCs means improved gameplay. Let’s dive deeper into how these changes are coming about and who’s leading the charge.


GTA V NPC hitching-hiking. We must put a stop to this.  


Speak To Me In ChatGPT
First, game developer Nuverse, based out of Shanghai, is using ChatGPT to create more life-like NPCs. ChatGPT-3 has improved NPC speech and animation in their game Earth Revival, which is bringing the characters to life. This is leading to a more realistic and immersive experience for players. ChatGPT’s AI language model is measuring sentiment and extracts semantic features in order to automatically synthesize high-quality, expressive voice and body animations. You’re no longer talking to just a static character. Through generative AI the NPC now has a personality by expressing emotions realistically with conversational AI, speech animation, and body language.

The Devil Is In The NPC’s Facial Details
Another innovator, JALI Research is using Generative AI data to revolutionize NPC interactions. The software developer based out of Toronto has a team of Artists and Scientists who have developed a proprietary system that creates realistic and expressive facial animations for NPCs, making them feel more human and relatable. Their software can also generate unique dialogue for each NPC, allowing for more dynamic and meaningful interactions between characters.

Generative AI Feels Like Real Life
Similarly, Guerrilla Games also leveraged Generative AI to improve NPCs for the highly anticipated sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. In Horizon Forbidden West, the team used machine learning algorithms to create more complex and believable NPCs to showcase the tribes and cultures to provide players with more engaging interactions. They were also able to create unique NPC dialogue based on the player’s actions and decisions, again making the game feel more personalized and immersive.


Enhance Your NPCs Quality of Life Through Generative AI                                                              Authenticity in diversity matters.


Sound Check With AI Voice
Finally, with our NPC which has improved animation, gestures, and dialogue, we can bring him/her one step closer to real life by leveraging generative AI voice. Enhancing the character with Resemble AI’s custom AI voice generator will enable developers to give the non-playable character a persona. We can also add accents or up to 62 different localized languages through our Localization tool for cultural authenticity. Combining realistic text-to-speech/speech-to-speech AI voice with ChatGPT and speech animation creates more sophisticated characters. Below is an example of how well our voice cloning application works through our Unity integration. We cloned Kratos’ voice from God of War and our version is eerily accurate.

By leveraging generative AI the gaming industry is providing players with more immersive worlds and engaging experiences. As generative AI technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more impressive NPCs in future video games. We’re also confident that these companies will continue to lead the charge.

It’s Free To Dip Your Toes Into Generative Voice AI

Before you go, clone your voice for free using our generative voice AI technology. Once you clone your voice, use text-to-speech or speech-to-speech to hear generative AI at work! If you’re really curious about hearing yourself speak Korean or a realistic British accent check out our localization feature with over 30+ languages. 

Reference: Pocket GamerInworld AI’s Report Finds 99% of Gamers Are Excited For AI NPCs

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