⚡️ Introducing Rapid Voice Cloning


Bring Your Heroes & Villains to Life with Voice AI

Level up your character design and game dialogue with Resemble AI’s iterative, dynamic, and unique AI voices.

Enhance your Character Design with our AI voice generator

Whether you’re in game development or full-scale production, Resemble’s AI voice generator enhances your character design with natural sounding voice AI synthesis.

Character Voice Design

Custom AI Voice Cloning

Do you already have a character voice but need to scale content quickly? Upload your saved audio data to begin building your custom AI voice clone.

Voice Cloning Turnaround Time

Don’t wait weeks for a high quality voice clone! Your dedicated team will help you take advantage of the most advanced AI voice cloning model to clone your voice within days!

AI Voice Marketplace

For plug and play voices Resemble’s voice marketplace of diverse and rich AI voices are ready to be implemented into your development pipeline.

Capture Human Emotions

Our voice AI generator allows your heroes and villains to capture life-like emotions through text to speech and speech to speech synthesis, leveling up your game dialogue. 

Resemble AI Voice Cloning

White Glove Support Alpha

Your dedicated team will partner with you to take full advantage of the most advanced text to speech, speech to speech, generative fill, and AI voice localization models.

Parental Control Mods

Looking to safeguard against inappropriate language or content? Customize your in-app settings to accommodate your game’s target audience.

Conquer latency with our

Streaming API

Don’t let speech synthesis latency be your villain. Our real time API allows you to scale your game character dialogue with real time streaming and precision voice AI content generation.


Generate voice AI content through text to speech synthesis in real time with our streaming API.

Easy Integration

Resemble AI’s developer friendly API is geared toward seamless integration with both Python and Node SDK’s.

Simplified Documentation

Whether you’re a seasoned or new dev Resemble provides supporting tutorials and example implementations.

A voice AI generator that caters to audio engineers, writers, and game devs.

Whether you’re focused on storytelling, sound quality, or implementation Resemble AI’s character voice generator caters to everyone involved from character design to game production.

Resemble AI Voice Cloning

Sound Check

Your #1 priority is your game’s audio quality. With Resemble’s AI voice generator at your fingertips, it no longer takes days to plan and hours to record natural sounding iterations. Bypass studio time and iterate within minutes to get game production back on track. The perfect shot is now just minutes away and you’re one step closer to meeting your game development milestones.

Resemble AI Voice Cloning


You’ve envisioned the perfect game scene. A princess has been captured by a giant dragon in a turtle shell with spikes. The overall wearing hero with a thick ‘stache eats a mushroom and yells, “I’m coming for you babe!”, but he can’t capture the ideal emotion. Normally, the scene would fall flat, a retake would be necessary, and production would be placed on hold. Thankfully, generative voice AI is way cooler than normal! With Resemble AI’s text to speech, speech to speech, and generative fill models, you can iterate scenes within minutes. 


You’re busy bringing the team’s vision to life by creating intricate systems to accommodate the technological requirements of developing a top-tier game. In order to accomplish this, you need a high-performing API that’s robust and simple to integrate into. Luckily, Resemble AI’s streaming API with low-latency is seamless to integrate with and has ample documentation to get your content creation up and running.

Speak to a team member to learn how our Generative Voice AI software can help you scale your game development and production efficiently by clicking the button below.

The Gamer’s Playbook for Resemble AI

The gaming development guide on how to create AI voices for your heroes, villains, or NPCs in 2-easy steps; first choose your AI voice and then begin creating AI-generated audio content. 

1. Find your Hero’s voice (2 options).

A. Voice Marketplace of AI Voices

Tap into 40+ ready-to-use AI voices from our voice marketplace. The marketplace has voices ranging from raspy to various international accents like British and Russian. These AI voices are available to all users!

Resemble AI Voice Marketplace

B. Custom AI Voice Clone

Begin cloning your hero’s voice seamlessly with two easy options. Either upload your own voice data in WAV format to your Pro account or record 25 or more voice samples with our intuitive self-serve recording tool available to all users.

Resemble AI Voice Cloning UI

2. Begin generating Game Dialogue with TTS or Speech to Speech.

Text to Speech Synthesis

Regardless of which type of AI voice you choose, our advanced text to speech model empowers you with unbelievably natural sounding speech generation. It takes one person to voice an unlimited amount of characters simply from our in-app environment.

Speech to Speech Synthesis

Need full control of the intonation, inflection, and nuance of a character’s speech? Access full controllability by deploying our advanced speech to speech model. Our STS model allows one team member to scale all of your character dialogue.