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Netflix: Creating Custom AI Voices with Resemble AI

Learn how Netflix’s The Andy Warhol Diaries used generative AI Voice technology to bring back Andy Warhol’s Voice.

Learn how AI Voice Cloning works.

Using Resemble AI’s generative voice technology, Andy Warhol’s voice was recreated to recite his own words from the diaries, creating an immersive six-part documentary on the artist’s life.

Bring your performances to life.

Use a voice over artist to channel the performance and the AI Voice to synthesize the voice you want. 

Create the perfect version.

Use multiple customizable parameters to tweak the audio and make it sound exactly how you want it.

Build your unique voice.

Resemble offers four options for creating voices, so you can always find exactly what fits in your requirements.

Record on our Web

Quickly record 50 samples on our web platform.

Upload your raw audio

Upload any audio file to us, no script required.

Create via API

Scale up your voice creation process by using the API.

Pick in Marketplace

Choose from dozens of professional voice actors.

Ready to create your AI Voice? Talk to our experts.