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How Hollywood Studios Are Dabbling in Generative Voice AI

Have you ever wondered how AI might be improving your industry and you may be oblivious to it? Stop feeling like a procrastinator. We’ll bring you up to speed on the unique ways entertainment studios are using Generative Voice AI to build interactive marketing experiences aimed at engaging audiences.

Paramount Pictures' Scream VI Ghostface AI Voice Generator phone call
Paramount’s Scream VI – Ghostface AI Voice Marketing Phone Call

Do You Like Scary Movies?

Of course we do! The iconic line from the 1996 movie Scream still resonates with both parents and kids today. For the sixth installment of the franchise, Paramount Pictures‘ creative team set out to build awareness with a ghastly call from Ghostface himself (we didn’t know that was the killer’s name either). Paramount integrated their splash site into the Resemble API to access our AI voice generator and cloned Ghostface’s voice. Then text-to-speech technology (also referred to as TTS) was used to personalize the experience. Here’s how it worked: fans visited a splash website, typed in a phone number and their name (text input). This triggered a personalized phone call from Ghostface’s AI voice, which addressed the person by their name (speech output) and delivered his signature spooky commentary. Personalized audio has never been possible until the conception of generative voice AI.

Apparently, the marketing stunt did so well that it went viral and in the process spurred a few 911 calls. Below is an example of engaging, word-of-mouth marketing that generative voice AI can spark. Most of you have pranked someone using a voice changer at some point so you get it.

YouTuber Carter Kench momentarily terrifying his roommate.

M3GAN Introduces Twitter To Generative Voice AI

She’s adorable. Yet creepy … To engage fans after the theatrical release of M3GAN (93% on Rotten Tomatoes), Universal Pictures used our voice cloning technology to clone the voice of Jenna Davis, the voice of AI doll M3GAN. It’s surprising how many times we can use ‘voice’ in one sentence. Using our text-to-speech model the AI voice was generated and Universal’s social team took to Twitter for an ‘Ask Me Anything’. Twitter fans Tweeted questions to M3GAN who replied with some gems in Jenna Davis’ cloned voice. This is a great example of how AI voice can be activated to communicate with text prompts through text-to-speech. The payoff was how the voice generator spiced up Universal’s interaction with their fans in a very contextually relevant manner. Check out this link for M3GAN’s life advice. Below is a preview of our favorite comment.

M3GAN giving Twitter fans life advice during an Ask Me Anything using AI voice Text-to-Speech.

Conversational AI With Puss And Boots

Need I say more? Okay we’ll squeeze one more in. Universal Pictures came to us again to assist with marketing the most recent iteration of Dreamworks’ Puss in Boots animated film. They created Mama Luna’s Cat Rescue web experience where fans adopt a virtual cat. Upon adoption, the experience unfolds into interactive gameplay with conversational AI elements with the latter achieved through integrating into our API to access the text-to-speech AI voice generator The experience draws parallels with Netflix’s film, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, where you can choose your own adventure. At Mama Luna’s, your feline companion interacts with you using conversational AI technology that customizes its replies based on your voice or text inputs. Whether you love cats or AI, we suggest a walkthrough of Mama Luna’s to experience how voice AI can be used to liven up your marketing or even potentially train your cat to speak.

Universal Pictures use Resemble AI's text-to-speech model to engage audiences
Universal Pictures’ Mama Luna’s Cat Rescue (web experience)

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