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How to add AI Voices to Canva

We’ve previously tackled adding AI voices to Google Slides. Due to the insistent demand, we will do another round of tutorials, but this time, we will learn how to add AI voices to Canva presentation!

Some of you may wonder what is so special about Canva. Why are more and more people using it nowadays? To answer that question, Canva has been known to be a great tool for creating visual content for social media. Apart from its easy-to-use interface, its asset library has consistently welcomed its users with constant updates, making room for more creativity and personalization.

Over the years, it has gone from being a simple graphic design tool to becoming a one-stop shop for people with graphic design and video editing needs. Everything is available in Canva: 2D/3D Graphics, images, videos, frames, animation, music, they even have AI! That is why creating presentations has never been easier. While images, graphics, and engaging content are pleasing to the eyes, we can take it up a notch by adding a voice!

Think about watching an Ad; apart from its captivating images, it’s just not complete with that voiceover. You might think you have no voice-over talent, but don’t worry; Resemble’s got you! We’ll teach you how to bring your Canva presentations from being great to being awesome through AI Voices!

But first, Content.

We need to have a script prepared for your presentation. Head over to ChatGPT and try this prompt: ”Create a script for a presentation about the seven wonders of the world in a professional tone.”

Note: The script should include key points and transitions between slides. After generating your script, it’s time to go to Resemble.AI and input your generated script.

Next. Audio.

To start integrating Resemble.AI‘s Voices into your Canva presentations, the first step is to choose the right voice that suits the tone and style of your presentation.

Do you want a British voiceover that sounds like National Geographic? Or maybe an animated voice like a DJ. Whether you aim for a professional, friendly, or authoritative tone, Resemble.AI offers a wide range of voice options to cater to your needs.

Once you’ve selected the perfect voice, you can customize the script for your presentation. Consider the pacing, emphasis, and intonation to ensure that the voiceover perfectly complements the content of each slide. This level of customization can effectively enhance your presentation’s overall impact.

Should you want to further customize the audio by using your own voice, you may do so by clicking on the VOICES tab and selecting Rapid Voice Clone, which will allow you to have your own AI voiceover in a matter of minutes. If you want a more accurate AI version of your voice, you may opt for the Professional Voice clone, where you are asked for more data. How cool is that?

Your Canva Presentation

After customizing the script, you can easily integrate the Resemble.AI voiceover into your Canva presentation by uploading the audio file directly into the platform. Simply go to your presentation, Uploads, then Audio.

Canva provides seamless integration for audio files, allowing you to synchronize the voiceover with specific slides or sections of your presentation. You select the file then drag it below your slides until you see a tile with soundwaves.

You may add audio effects or adjust the length of the voice clip and make it more appropriate to your topic and pacing. You may also try adding a second layer of sound that would serve as your background music. Just go to ‘Apps’, then select ‘Audio.’ You can select based on category or you may skim through the library for a variety. You may hover over the sound you want to listen to and click ‘Play’.

Repeat the same steps with the rest of your voice-over clips. Make sure you listen to your presentation as a whole to ensure a more seamless experience for your audience.

Best Practices for Using Synthetic Voices

To maximize the impact of your voice-enabled presentations, consider the following best practices:

  • Choose the Right Voice: The tone of the voice should match the content of your presentation. A cheerful voice might be great for educational content, while a serious tone could be better for professional reports.
  • Scripting: When writing scripts for your audio, remember that spoken language differs from written text. Keep sentences shorter and use a conversational style to ensure clarity and engagement.
  • Test Your Presentation: Always preview your presentation with the audio to check for timing and coherence. Make adjustments based on what feels natural and engaging.


Integrating Resemble AI voices into your Canva presentations is a powerful way to make your content engaging for your audience. With customizable options and straightforward integration, Resemble AI can help you create presentations that are not only visually appealing but also audibly engaging. Experiment with different voices and scripts or create one of your own to find the best for your audience and message. Give your audience a whole new experience with your AI voice. You may try it out for Free. Click here to request a demo.

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