⚡️ Introducing Rapid Voice Cloning


Resemble  ❤️ Voice Talent

Get repeat Voice Over Work with us without recording or stepping into a Studio every time.

Join the Resemble Talent Pool

How does it work?

Build your Voice

We work with you to get you onboarded on our platform. It takes less than 10 minutes of audio to get started.

Put yourself on the Marketplace

We give exposure to your voice to brands that are looking for particular use cases. 

We share the revenue

Everytime your voice is used (even when you’re sleeping), we pay you 50% of the revenue.

A fully transparent process. Put your voice to work while you’re asleep.


What is Resemble AI?

Resemble AI is a voice synthesis platform that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to clone realistic sounding voices. You can record your voice on our platform, and we’ll ask your consent to license your voice for use in future projects. 

What happens when you sign up with us?

After you send us your demo reel, our team will reach out to you and ask you to record your voice using the Resemble AI platform to record samples of your voice.

Who do we work with?

We work with game development studios, customer service conversation providers, and more.