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Craft immersive game audio in minutes, not months

No more waiting for voice actors. Use Generative AI to create studio-quality dialogue, adjust emotions on the fly, and iterate your game’s audio at speed. Sign-up today.

Our Generative Speech Toolkit has everything you need

Get studio-grade voice cloning

Already have saved audio files? Upload your voice data to build a studio-grade voice clone.

Move fast

Don’t wait weeks for a high-quality voice clone. With Resemble AI, you’ll get results in days.

Collaborate with ease

Seamlessly manage thousands of voice assets for large-scale gaming projects, and collaborate easily with batch creation features.

Tell interactive stories

Personalization has never been easier. Incorporate interactive storytelling elements to level up gaming narratives.

Scale rapidly

Is speech synthesis slowing you down? It shouldn’t. Scale rapidly with direct sync and low-latency streaming APIs.

Add real-time voiceovers

Add real-time voiceovers to your game with our streaming APIs – content delivered in under 300ms.

Why build your game with Generative AI?

Dynamic gameplay

Dynamic gameplay is a cornerstone of immersive gaming, and with Resemble AI, you can take this to new heights. Generative speech technology allows real-time voice modulation and generation, so your characters can finally have the diverse, realistic dialogues you dreamed about.

More engaged players

Generative voices bring unparalleled realism to NPCs, allowing for fluid and varied dialogues. NPCs can react instantly to players’ actions and choices, making the gaming environment more vivid and boosting players’ engagement and investment.

Resemble AI also enables personalization. In addition to content, you can adapt the tone and emotion of generative voices based on players’ style and progression in the game.

Unlock global revenue with language localization

Use our Generative AI voice technology to dub audio into different languages, opening up new global markets and audiences.

Localize your custom AI voice or use our out-of-the-box marketplace voices in 100+ languages.


$29 / month

An affordable step into professional voice cloning, perfect for individual creators
  • All features in Personal
  • 10,000 seconds FREE each month
  • $0.006/sec after 10,000 seconds
  • 5 Rapid Voice Clones
  • 1 Professional Voice Clone


$99 / month

Scale your projects with localization, priority support, and volume discounts
  • All Features in Creator
  • 80,000 seconds FREE each month
  • $0.002/sec after 80,000 seconds
  • 25 Rapid Voice Clones
  • 3 Professional Voice Clones
  • 68 Localize Languages


$299 / month

Grow into more voices, more discounts and more usage. Perfect for expansion.
  • All Features in Professional
  • 200,000 seconds FREE each month
  • $0.002/sec after 200,000 seconds
  • 100 Rapid Voice Clones
  • 5 Professional Voice Clones
  • 68 Localize Languages


$499 / month

Comprehensive plan with full API access for large-scale integrations
  • All Features in Growth
  • 320,000 seconds FREE each month
  • $0.002/sec after 320,000 seconds
  • 500 Rapid Voice Clones
  • 10 Professional Voice Clones
  • 149 Localize Languages
  • Create custom voices via API
  • Low latency WebSocket API
  • Authorized partner program


$0.006 / second

Pay-as-you-go for custom voices built on the platform
  • 1,000 seconds FREE each month
  • 0.006/sec after 1,000 seconds
  • 3 Rapid Voice Clones
  • Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Speech
  • Localize English to Spanish (MX), French, and British Accent
  • 40+ Marketplace Voices
  • API Access
  • Unlimited Audio Downloads
  • Pay as you go


Custom Pricing

Tailored, comprehensive solutions with premium support for enterprise-scale needs

  • All Features in Business
  • White-glove voice training (Multiple languages)
  • Dedicated Support
  • Enterprise SLA’s
  • Custom Voice Creation API
  • 149+ Localize Languages
  • Resemble Detect
  • Real-Time Speech-to-Speech
  • Dedicated nodes or On-Prem Support

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