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How to build a Custom AI Voice for your Contact Center

Aug 9, 2022

Building a custom branded AI voice for your contact center is crucial now more than ever. The pandemic has accelerated the need for future-proofing and de-burdening CX teams with AI voices. In 2022, 70% of customer service interacts in some manner with AI and conversational AI platforms. This is a 160% increase from previous years.

This massive demand warrants a need for automating with AI Voices at scale. Further research however shows that 71% of consumers prefer more human-sounding voices. With Resemble AI’s custom AI voices, that is exactly what you can implement to your contact centers. Resemble’s AI voices are scalable and personalized which allows contact centers to integrate high-quality and natural sounding voices that can be branded to your needs.

To learn more about our voices, watch the video below. You can also check out all the integrations we have, or you can book a demo with us to start implementing AI voices into your workflow today.


Interested in incorporating generative audio in your project, schedule a demo with us:

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